How do I remove the printer driver?

In this article, we will learn How to remove the printer drivers. There are many ways of removing your printer drivers. Let’s discuss a few below.

1. Press [⊞ WIN]. The button is located at the bottom of the keyboard on the left. After the menu opens in the column on the right, click on the explorer responsible for changing the settings and configuring the computer’s functionality. It’s called [CONTROL PANEL].

2. Now, in the [PROGRAMS] section, select the subcategory [UNINSTALL…]. If you choose to view as large or small icons, click on [PROGRAMS AND FEATURES].

3. To uninstall the software, find it in the list and click on the appropriate inscription.

Note! This instruction is useful for those who want to uninstall the printer drivers in Windows 7 completely. The proposed method is considered the most elementary and affordable, but not the only one. If the MFP does not print from the computer, familiarize yourself with uninstall the software before installing a new driver.

There are situations when it is not directly available to remove “firewood” since the system issues the following messages: “no access,” “… used”, “Device is busy,” and so on. To avoid this, do the following:

1. Disconnect the printing equipment from the PC if it is connected.

2. Go to [DEVICES AND PRINTERS]. In Win 7, this category is located immediately in the start menu. In the “top ten,” you should press the PKM on the Start menu and go to [CONTROL PANEL], which is also called [CONTROL PANEL]. Now select [HARDWARE AND SOUND]. In Win 8, you need to go to the [OPTIONS]category before doing this.

3. Click on the desired PCM hardware and remove it.

After that, you can repeat the uninstall procedure. This method is recommended when the device is connected to the PC through the USB connector. It is described in manuals for printed office equipment of different manufacturers.

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How to Manually Remove a Printer Driver – Windows 7, 8, 10

A universal method allows you to actually remove all the drivers of the Windows 10, 7, or 8 printers. Follow these steps:

Method #1

  1. 1 Press the [⊞ Windows]+[R]buttons on the “clave” sequentially.
  2. 2 In the utility window, move printui /s.
  3. 3 You have hit the print server, or rather in its properties. In the [Drivers] tab, find the software for your printing hardware and uninstall it.
  4. 4 When the next window from the two options opens, you need to select [Uninstall Driver and Package…].

Method #2

  1. 1 Go to [⊞] and enter the service name [Run]. Open the application and register printmanagement.msc.
  2. 2 Log in to the [Custom Filters] folder, where you’ll see a subcategory called [All Drivers]. Go into it.
  3. 3 Uninstall the driver packages.

These methods will help you uninstall the printer driver completely. There are situations when the computer cannot complete the procedure completely, and an error or a window with a message appears on the screen. Do not despair! Try stopping the Print Spooler service. When you remove tasks from the print device, you can delete the files manually. To do this, open the Run command window by clicking [⊞ Win]+[R]one at a time. In the window, type the command net stop spooler. The manager is paused. Now you need to implement a complete removal of drivers manually:

1. Go to the drive where you have the system installed. By default, this is drive C. Next, open the Windows folder, go to System32, then you need the spool folder, and eventually go to PRINTERS. Clear the folder, but don’t delete it yourself. Otherwise, you may have problems when you decide to reinstall the print device drivers.

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2. If you do not know how to remove the printer driver from the computer system, look in the folder“W32X86”. Open drive C or the one where the operating system is located. Next, go to the Windows folder. It contains all system files. Next, go through the path: system32\ spool\ drivers\. Delete documents from the folder.

3. Type net start spooler to activate Print Spooler. Repeat the uninstall process using a print server. It is executed through the printui /s /t2command.

Теперь вы знаете, как удалить все драйвера принтера. Не забудьте перезагрузить систему.

How to Uninstall printer driver in Windows 7, 8, 10 through the registry

To completely uninstall printer drivers in Windows, you must check the registry. There is sometimes “garbage,” because of which it is not possible to install new drivers. Unnecessary files are subject to deletion:

  1. 1 Open the Run window by pressing the cherished [⊞ Win]+[R]keys one by one.
  2. 2 Write regedit.
  3. 3 Go to the [EDIT] tab and select [FIND].
  4. 4 Enter the name of the brand or model of printing equipment. It is not necessary to enter the name in full.
  5. 5 Click [FIND NEXT]. Click PKM on the desired file and delete it.

Restart your PC. You can then install new drivers. Before you uninstall the printer driver through the registry, we recommend trying the methods described above.

How to manually remove printer drivers when errors occur

It happens that the system does not succumb to your commands. Every time you try to remove a printer, a window suddenly appears that says it is in use or busy. If the above methods don’t help, try the following method:

  1. 1 Press [⊞ Win]+[R] and search for the utility application. To do this, print regedit in the window.
  2. 2 Open the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEfolder. There you will see the SYSTEMfolder, go to it. Now follow the path: CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows x64\Drivers\.
  3. 3 Find the necessary driver and change its name: add a number or letter of the Latin alphabet. For example, it was EPSON_C79, but it became EPSON_C79_old.
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Uninstalling the software is no longer required. The OS does not see the driver, and you can start installing new software. Do not forget to reboot the system beforehand.


We have given you recommendations on how to remove the old printer driver properly. After the manipulations are performed, it is mandatory to install new “firewood.” In modern operating systems, there is an automatic installation of software. Still, you should not count on it, especially if the computer does not see the printer or the device refuses to work. If, after reinstalling the drivers, the MFP does not work or some functions remain unavailable, do not rush to repeat the procedure.

Advice! Download the software from the official resource of the manufacturer. To find suitable “firewood,” you need to know the model of printing equipment and the bitness of the OS (X86 or X64). The latter can be checked in the properties of my computer.

Frequently Asked Questions on Driver Removal

1. How do I remove the printer driver from my computer’s system?

Open a command prompt and type printui /s /t2. Select the desired one in the [Drivers] tab and click [Remove Driver and Driver Package].

2. How do I uninstall the printer driver through the registry?

Open Run by holding down the [⊞ WIN]+[R] buttons. Type Regedit and click OK. In the search, find the driver you want. Delete it or rename it.

3. How to remove the printer driver if the computer says “… busy”, “… used,” etc.?

Uninstall the software manually. Open Registry Editor and go through the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows x64\Drivers\.

4. How do I manually remove a printer?

Press [Win]+[R]. Type printmanagement.msc. Go to [Custom Filters]and then open [All Drivers]. Uninstall the ones you want.

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