How does the lack of chips on the market threaten the production of printers?

Demand for home printers hasn’t stopped falling since the pandemic began. If the introduction of strict quarantine measures in countries around the world predicted the death of the printing business, then in 2021, they wonder why the demand for copying and printing equipment does not cease to fall. The Asian business publication Nikkei Asian Review claims that printers’ prices may soon rise. What are the reasons for such concerns?

Demand creates supply

Since the spring of 2020, various printer manufacturers have noted an increase in copying and printing equipment sales. For example, HP sold more than 12 million printers in the spring of ’20. Most of the profits firms received at the expense of private consumers, even though the actions of corporate clients provoked a decrease in income. The increase in sales pushed manufacturers to a logical step – an increase in manufactured products. This and several other factors led to the fact that there was a shortage of memory chips in the market of instant transactions – they have risen in price by 60% since the beginning of 2021.

How to avoid the crisis?

Most manufacturers are suffering losses despite the growth in sales in quantitative terms. However, profits fell because corporate customers suspended the purchase of expensive models. According to DigiTimes experts, memory chips will rise in price throughout 2021, and the lack of slots will affect the market until June 21.

Consumers can buy a used printer or purchase it shortly. Significant fluctuations in prices at the end of March 21 years are not noticed. So, you can have time to buy office equipment at a bargain price. Regardless of the cost of the device, the user has several significant ways to save:

  1. Refilling of cartridges in the workshop or on the road;
  2. Printer firmware;
  3. Buy refurbished cartridge.
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