How to bet and win on individual total in sports

How to bet and win on individual total in sports

What is individual total, how is it indicated, is it worth using it in bets – we will answer these and other questions in our article!

In simple terms, the individual total is some kind of statistical indicator of an individual team or an individual player. This type of bet requires a bettor to carefully study the statistics and the current form of the team or athlete.

Features of individual total

Many players prefer to bet exclusively on individual totals, arguing that it is more interesting for them to watch a specific player or team, and they are indifferent to the result of the whole match.

This approach is fundamentally wrong, because betting for the sake of increasing interest in the game is a losing situation in advance. In the long run, you will surely lose if you bet based on your preferences and emotions, rather than following the cold voice of reason.

Individual total can be not only for goals scored and points scored, it can also be for other events in the match, including corners, cards, send-offs and so on. Bets on such events differ from the classic ones, where both teams are involved, here only the performance of one of the parties or one of its players matters.

Studies of the success of different types of bets show that individual total brings more wins than classic bets, in which the outcome depends on two teams at once.

But here it is immediately worth making a reservation: only those bets that the player carefully analyzes and works out will bring long-term profit. It’s not enough to just look at the average number of goals scored by a team in a tournament and bet on it. You need to take into account the specific situation and analyze each match separately. Absolutely everything can matter: the current form, the characteristics of the opponent, the level of motivation, the form of the leaders, the state in the locker room and even the weather conditions.

How bets on individual line total are indicated

Such bets are placed in the general line, usually following the handicap or the total match total. They can be written in full, for example, “Individual total of the 1st”, or they can be abbreviated, for example, “IT1”. The hosts are designated first, guests second. If the bet is not supposed to be on a team, but on a player, then “Player’s total” will be written in this way, and then, depending on the type of sport, betting options will be offered.

As an example of team total, consider the Champions League football match between Atlético and Lokomotiv. In the screenshot below you can see the options for the totals of the first and second teams.

Team Individual Total

Atletico – Lokomotiv: Individual Team Totals

You can also bet on the even or odd total of each team (zero will be considered an even number), the number of yellow cards, corners and other statistics. There are many options, but before making a bet, you need to carefully analyze everything.

Now let’s take a look at how the bet on the player’s individual total looks like. Take the NBA basketball game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Charlotte Hornets as an example. Scrolling through the list of the match, we see the “Player’s Total” section, it is offered taking into account overtime. Opening it, we see what bets the bookmaker offers in the list.

Player's Individual Total

Brooklyn Nets – Charlotte Hornets: Players Individual Total

If you closely follow the sport you are going to bet on, as well as study all the news from specific teams, you can always find good options for betting. For example, if you look at this fight, you can see that the bookmaker basically gives the players’ totals according to their statistics for the season as a whole. But those who follow the news of the Brooklyn Nets know that due to injuries, three of their leaders are now absent: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Caris LeVereth. In their absence, a spare point guard Spencer Dinuiddi is carrying the team on his shoulders, who has been producing amazing statistics in the last 2 weeks and even became the player of the NBA week. Therefore, a bet on the total of his points has a good chance of passing.

This was just one example, but now we will talk in more detail about how to consistently win if you choose bets on the individual total of teams or players.

Secrets of a Successful Game

Although this section is titled “The Secrets to Playing Successfully,” it’s actually simple rules that will help you win consistently with the right preparation and the desire to work hard. It should be understood that bets on an individual total require an even more careful study of all the nuances than classic bets on the victory of one of the teams or the total total. Now we will share with you a few tips, following which, you will significantly increase your chances of ultimate success.

  • Carefully study the statistics of two teams at once, even if you are going to bet on only one of them. See how they have performed over the last 5 matches (both at home and away), how they play among themselves, in what condition their leaders are, if there are any conflicts in the team, and so on.
  • Perhaps we will repeat it once again: do not forget to analyze the opponents of the team on which you are going to bet exactly as carefully. Many newbies constantly forget about this and concentrate exclusively on the team that they are betting on. This is fundamentally wrong and will only lead to losses. For example, even if you are betting on a player’s individual total, studying his opponent is key to your chances of success. Even if you choose a top scorer in good shape, it is possible that he is playing against a team with strong defenses that he has historically failed matches against. Or it may be the other way around: the player is not distinguished by high performance and the odds for the fact that he will score is high. But you noticed that in matches against this particular opponent, he consistently scores or gains more points than usual. In this case, the game will be worth the candle.
  • Don’t just focus on the prematch. It happens that bets on individual total are much safer to make live if you watch this match and see how events develop. For example, if one of the teams is constantly attacking, but cannot score in any way, you can bet on its individual total, because usually it still “breaks through” and goals will come.
  • Remember to keep an eye on your bankroll. Never, under any circumstances, give in to emotions, and it does not matter after a victory or defeat. You can “drain” your entire bank in an unsuccessful attempt to recoup, or vice versa, you can lose not only the winnings, but also the account balance in euphoria after the victory. Even if you are lucky a few times, unprepared bets in the long run will still only lead to losses.

How to choose the right bet for individual total

And in conclusion, I would like to say a few words about how to correctly choose bets on an individual total:

  • The team you are betting on has an incredible motivation to score as much as possible;
  • Your team has a very strong attack and consistently scores a lot of goals;
  • Opponents have lost the main goalkeeper or leader of the defense, which makes their defense vulnerable;
  • One of the rivals is devoid of motivation and is releasing a reserve squad.

Of course, these were far from all possible options, when a bet on the individual total of a team or a player suggests itself. We hope that you have understood the main thing: this kind of bet should be made only if you have carefully analyzed the statistics of the upcoming match and other related factors. Do not bet at random on emotions, and good luck to you!


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