How to bet correctly on football

How to bet correctly on football

Football is the most popular sports discipline in any bookmaker’s office. Traditionally, bets on football have the widest range, which often surpasses all other sports combined. Many players, especially beginners, consider themselves to be football experts and think they can win regularly just because they understand the most popular ball game at the amateur level. But if that were the case, most bookmakers would probably go broke, as they accept a huge number of football bets every day. We will tell you about the correct way to bet on football in our article.

how to bet on football

What can you bet on in football

As we have already said, any bookmaker offers the widest lineup for football, so players have a lot to choose from. It is not advisable to bet on all outcomes, so we will only talk about the most popular ones.

Main outcome betting

This is the most common type of bet and offers many options. It can be a banal bet on the victory of one of the teams, on a draw, on the absence of a draw, and even on a strong-willed victory. In the first case, everything is clear: the player bets that one or another team will win in regulation time. In the second case, he risks more and bets on a draw, the odds for this event go from 3 and higher, because draws in football are less common than the victory of one of the teams. The next bet – on the absence of a draw, is indicated in line 12 and means that the bet will be held, if either side wins, the odds for this are low. Not all bookmakers accept bets on a strong-willed victory, but this concept means that the team that was inferior in the score at a certain segment of the match wins the match.

Total bets

This is another common type of betting on the number of goals scored in a match. Total can be individual (for goals scored by one team) and team (for the total number of goals in the match). An even rarer option is a personal total per player. The odds for the latter are the highest, but the chances that it will pass are much lower.

Handicap betting

Such bets are relevant in games between favorites and outsiders. A bet on the victory of the favorite is sometimes meaningless due to a too low coefficient, and in this case the bettor can bet on his victory with a handicap, that is, with an advantage of several goals. For a stronger team, bookmakers offer a minus handicap, for a weaker team – plus.

Correct Score Betting

Such bets are no longer as popular as the ones described above, but many players still bet on the correct score. High odds, of course, bribe. True, the chances that the match will end with exactly the score on which the player has bet are low.

Bets on other outcomes

Since in football the big bookmakers can offer several hundred different outcomes, we cannot list every one of them. If we briefly mention the most popular of them, then these are bets on specific halves, on yellow and red cards, on corners, on possession of the ball, on outs, and even on the fact that he will be the first to throw the ball from the center of the field.

Benefits of soccer betting

Football betting has many advantages that I would like to tell all betting fans about.

High odds

Due to high competition, bookmakers are reducing their margins for football matches. If we compare even with such popular sports as tennis or basketball, in most cases the odds for football will be 5-7 points higher. And for top leagues and tournaments, the bookmaker’s margin is only 2-4%.

A large number of events in the line

Sports number one is represented in the line of any bookmaker better than the rest. Bookmakers cover not only the average most popular championships, but even such little-known leagues, such as the Syrian championship or the second division of the South Korean championship. Any other sports disciplines can only dream of this. The same applies to painting: there is no such huge number of outcomes for any other sport.

A huge amount of information

Football news is widely covered on all kinds of sports portals, and it is not even necessary to read foreign sources, everything is translated into Russian in full as soon as possible and appears on thematic sites. Analyzing football matches is much easier than even hockey or basketball. There is no need to talk about video broadcasts: you can find broadcasts of the vast majority of matches on the Internet, and almost all games are usually shown on the websites of bookmakers.

Big maximums

Since it is the most popular sports discipline with the best coverage of all others, you can bet on football far more than on any other sport. Even on the most popular championships, bookmakers accept serious bets, and on top tournaments, if you wish, you can bet hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Disadvantages of soccer betting

Let’s say right away: there are more advantages to betting on football than disadvantages, but you still need to say about the latter, because they exist.

Very few surebets and values

The first disadvantage flows smoothly from the high popularity of football. Remember, we said that there is a lot of information on this sport, so it’s easy to analyze matches? – All this is true, but the other side of the coin is that it is also much easier for analysts in bookmakers to analyze football matches than, for example, volleyball. For this reason, overestimated prematch coefficients are rare, and if there are any, they are corrected quickly. The situation is similar with forks.

Quick reaction to “jambs”

We have already mentioned this briefly in the description of the previous disadvantage: in principle, analysts in bookmakers rarely make mistakes, but even when this happens, they quickly correct the shortcomings, so it is rarely possible to catch them on this.

The presence of a tie

For example, in tennis and volleyball there are no draws, in hockey and basketball they are rare, but in football they are not so rare. Because of this, a simple bet on the team’s victory becomes more risky, which forces the player to either reinsure himself with a zero handicap, or a double outcome, and this reduces the odds.

What to look for when betting

The following tips will be relevant primarily for beginners, because experienced bettors already know these simple wisdom of betting on football. But we advise you to at least take a quick look at them, and suddenly you learn something new for yourself.

Prepare carefully for every match

Even if you are confident that you are good at football, you do not need to bet at random. Before choosing one of the outcomes, you need to study the statistics of the performance of both teams this season, see the results of their face-to-face confrontations over the past 3-5 years, read the news to learn about the microclimate in the team, and also pay attention to the factors of motivation, disqualification and injuries to leading players. Even a team of referees can have a significant impact on the final result of a match. In short, the more information you manage to collect, the more accurately you can make a forecast. Do not forget that from the side of the bookmaker, not one person analyzes the matches, but a whole team of competent specialists, so it is not easy to butt with them.

Choose the right bookmaker

This is a very important point, on which the results of your game depend no less than the accuracy of the predictions. A bookmaker, first of all, must be reliable, not cheat and pay out winnings on time. In addition, he should not have a high margin, otherwise it will completely eat up your profit at a distance. And, of course, the bookmaker of your choice is obliged to offer a wide range of football matches to guarantee you many options for betting. How do you know if a bookmaker is suitable for the above requirements? Its reliability is easiest to determine by reviews that can be read on specialized sites. You don’t need to blindly believe absolutely every comment, some of them are written to order, but they will help to form the overall picture. You can familiarize yourself with the line and the list, as well as the margin for matches, on the bookmaker’s website.

Always play with a cool head

This is a very important betting rule that must be followed by all means. Every player has, has and will have good and bad streaks, and they are equally dangerous for his bankroll. Yes, yes, you heard right, even the winning streaks need to be approached with a cool head, otherwise you can believe too much in your luck, start making rash bets and end up losing money. Bad stretches are even more difficult: many beginners, and even more experienced players, find it difficult to maintain their composure after a string of losses. The result is an irrepressible desire to recoup as soon as possible, which leads to hasty bets and even greater financial losses. You must remember one rule for yourself and always adhere to it: you never need to make rash bets!

The best soccer betting strategies

Finally, we want to tell you about the most successful football betting strategies. We will provide only brief information, and if you are interested in any of them, we advise you to read more about it.

Draw Betting Strategy

We’ve mentioned draws as one of the downsides to soccer betting, but some bettors have learned to capitalize on it. This is explained by the high odds for a draw, which almost never fall below 3. Experienced players identify teams that like peaceful outcomes and bet on them in systems “2 out of 5” or similar.

The Outsiders in Cups Strategy

Everything is logical here: many strong teams ignore the domestic cups of the country and focus exclusively on the championship and European cups. As a result, they often put on a brace consisting of young and inexperienced players in matches that are not important to them. If you determine in advance what level of motivation the teams will have, you can catch a good coefficient.

Late Goal Betting Strategy

This strategy is usually used when the bettor watches the match and sees that neither of the opponents has a clear advantage, and the sides are actively attacking and exchanging dangerous moments. An additional factor in favor of the bet may be the fact that the total over declared before the match was not broken. They usually bet after 75 minutes on odds of at least 1.8.

Strategy for bets on total over 2.5

Total 2.5 is the standard for most football matches. Suitable matches should be chosen according to the following criteria: there are attacking teams that love open football, are extremely motivated, they do not interfere with the weather, and they traditionally break this total in personal meetings.

Correct score betting strategy

According to statistics, 50% of all football matches end with only five results: 0: 0, 1: 0, 1: 1, 2: 0, 2: 1. Many professional players find suitable teams and bet the systems on several of the most popular accounts.

As you can see, betting on football makes it possible to make good money, but for this you will have to learn a lot, carefully prepare for each match and constantly improve your playing skills.

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