How to bet correctly on periods in hockey

How to bet correctly on periods in hockey

Hockey period betting strategy Is the same traditional dogon. Dogon is one of the most popular strategies in the sports betting world. There are pros and cons here. But despite its shortcomings, this does not negate its popularity. This strategy allows from 3 to 6 steps, so hockey in the matches of which there are three periods is suitable.

Betting in bookmaker for periods

Features of bets for periods in hockey

The idea of ​​catching up in hockey is to progressively bet on the first, second, and then third periods, increasing the amount of the bet if you failed to win the previous time. This approach can be maintained both for bets on the outcome and on even-odd, but bets on total more in the period are much more common in the game of catch-up.

If we are talking about outcomes, then there are pitfalls here too. For example, not all NHL teams are more successful at home than away. Therefore, you can bet on the victory of guests for periods. The chances that such a rate will go in is not small at all.

Statistics NHL periods

NHL team statistics by period

How to understand the format of rates for periods? Let’s explain with an example. We choose the bet – total or outcome. We decide on it and do not change it in the future. We consider what bank we have and what kind of profit we want. We will build on this at the first rate. In the first period, we bet 1000 rubles (conditionally) at a coefficient of 2.15. If the bet fails, then we increase the amount. We bet on the same event already 2300 (conditionally) at a factor of 1.79. If the bet fails again, then we increase the amount to 4500 and bet on the same event (conditionally) at the odds of 1.93. With this strategy, the profit from one match will be in the region from 800 to 1150 rubles.

Betting on the highest scoring period in hockey

Bettors often use statistics common in hockey – in 80% of cases, teams score more than two goals in at least one period. In this regard, there is a proposal to bet on the total over 1.5. The key feature of this approach is not to bet on matches where the first period TB 1.5 is estimated with a coefficient less than 1.80. Because the TB ratios of 1.5 for the second and third periods are usually lower than for the first. So if the bet on the first period does not pass, then the low odds on the second and third periods will lead to the fact that we will lose more than earn. Most often, if for the first period the bookmaker puts the coefficient less than 1.80 on TB 1.5, then for the second and third periods it will be completely below 1.50. And this is already a significant loss of profit. Typically, the coefficients for TB 1.5 in the first period are in the range of 1.50 – 2.30. So you have the opportunity to quickly find the right match for the bet.

However, the selection of matches is a separate topic for conversation. It is not worth relying only on the analysis of the teams’ play and the reputation of a successful league. The bookmaker will evaluate these factors faster than any capper. For trick use Bob McCune’s strategy – line moves in hockey… It involves tracking changes in bookmaker quotes before the start of the match. If the coefficient on TM 1.5 falls in the first period, then we skip this match, it is not suitable for our bet. If the coefficient for TB 1.5 in the first period has not changed or increased, then feel free to use the selected event for bets on periods in hockey.

Where to bet on periods in hockey?

In order to determine the match using the Bob McCune strategy, use special public services like Well, if you do not know where to place bets for periods in hockey, then start from the bookmaker’s office with the lowest percentage of margin. In this sport, BetCity (about 4.4%) and Marathon (about 4.6%) currently offer a smaller percentage.


– Does the period betting strategy apply to overtime?

No, we are talking only about three periods. Overtime is not part of this strategy.

– Why can’t you bet on the strategy for periods on any game?

Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting money. Based on the movement of bookmaker quotes, you can understand in advance whether you can win good money.

– How many steps does the catch-up require?

This strategy has 3 to 6 steps.

– Where is the best bet on periods in hockey?

We offer Betcity and Marathon.

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