How to bet on darts and win

How to bet on darts and win

Darts is a sports game in which players throw darts at a circular target marked with sectors. In the countries of the post-Soviet space, darts are not very common and are perceived by most people as fun.

Darts - description of the sport

But in the rest of the world, this is not entertainment, but a real kind of sport, in which large tournaments with large prize money are held. Bets are accepted in most serious bookmakers, and in recent years, even in the CIS, more and more bettors are interested in betting on this discipline.

Darts first appeared in the British Isles over 200 years ago. At first it was entertainment for pubs, but since the 20th century, serious tournaments have been organized on it. The first world championship was held in 1978, since then this sport has not experienced a shortage of major competitions. Moreover, everything goes to the fact that after a few Olympiads, darts will become an Olympic sport.

The largest tournaments:

  • UK Open;
  • World Matchplay;
  • Grand Slam of Darts;
  • Winmau World Masters.

Fundamental rules

Darts is played one-on-one, and the rules of this game have not changed for many years. At the start, each player is awarded a certain amount of points (usually 301 or 501). The target is at a distance of 2.37 meters from the thrower, 3 darts are given for each run.

Depending on the hit, a certain amount is deducted from the total number of points. Whoever cleared the account earlier won. But there is one caveat: you just need to zero the account, if you go into a minus, then the throw will not be counted.

The target has 20 sectors, two rings of doubling and tripling points and a bull’s-eye. But if you hit the center of the target all 3 times, which seems to be the best result, you will not get the maximum number of points (only 150). The most points (180) will be awarded to the player if he gets into the ring of tripling the points of the sector “20” 3 times. During the game, it is very important to think over the strategy and build on the circumstances, because the last throw should be in the “bull’s-eye” or the sector of doubling points.

The match itself consists of sets and lags. Usually you need to win 3 sets to win. And to win a set, you need to win in 3 or 5 legs (depending on the rules of the tournament). A victory in a league is awarded each time to the one who clears the points first.

Features of betting on darts

You can find bets on darts in almost any domestic bookmaker’s office. What is especially nice, there is a good list for large tournaments, which includes many options for betting.

  1. The victory of one of the parties. This is the most popular type of bet, which involves determining the winner of the meeting. Darts is a predictable sport, and usually there are no matches between opponents of equal strength. Draws are possible, but they happen so rarely that they are not always offered in lines.
  2. Accurate account. Here the player needs to try to guess the exact score for the sets. Usually the odds for this outcome are quite high.
  3. Handicap in sets. If in the match there are opponents of unequal strengths, and this usually happens, a handicap is offered for the bet in sets on one of the sides.
  4. Total by sets. Most often, matches go up to 3 victory sets, that is, there will be a minimum of 3, a maximum of 5.
  5. Checkout. This term means lag in one go. Usually, you can bet on the total of the maximum checkout, or simply on who will make the largest checkout.
  6. Total approaches 180. As we wrote above, this is the maximum number of points that can be gained in one approach. The bookmaker offers to bet on the total of such successful attempts.
  7. Long-term rates. Everything is simple here: long before the tournament starts, you can try to guess its winner.

In addition, in the line for large tournaments, there may be more rare bets on who will drop the last dart, with how many darts the player will finish the lag, what color of the target he will hit, and so on.

Secrets of Successful Bidding

And although in darts the favorites in most cases defeat the outsiders, here, as in any other sport, you need to bet not at random, but after proper preparation. We are ready to share a few secrets of successful bets, but they do not guarantee stable winnings, they just help you understand what should be considered first of all when betting on this sport.

Player Features

You need to understand that in darts it is physically impossible to prevent an opponent from throwing, so psychology comes first. It also happens that it is not the most skillful player that wins, but the most psychologically stable one. Some deliberately try to piss off the opponent in order to have a better chance of success.

Before betting, it is very important to make sure in advance that the player you have chosen is in great shape, extremely motivated and does not experience difficulties in his personal life. To find out, read more news, and focus on primary sources and the local press.

It is also important to study the strategies of the opponents’ game, to see how they played against each other, the results of their last matches in different tournaments. Analyzing such information can easily take several hours.

Features of tournaments

Modern darts involves many tournaments per year, which are divided into more and less significant. Here you need to be especially careful, because strong players sometimes treat small tournaments carelessly, which means that the risk of their defeat increases significantly, although the odds may say the opposite. Also pay attention to the regulations, sometimes they are different, which affects the balance of power.

Betting strategies

Here you need to understand that there are no win-win betting strategies, you always need to rely on yourself first of all, do not be lazy to carefully prepare for each match and think with your own head. Darts is a fairly predictable game, the favorites win most often.

Because of this, bookmakers in most cases set high margins for such fights in the region of 10%. That is why we do not recommend making multiples of different darts matches, because by doing so you will only increase the already high margin.

We advise beginners to stay away from live bets, because you cannot prepare for them in advance, and because of the nuances of the game that are unknown to new players, it is easy to lose by betting on a seemingly correct event.

Statistics show that too few players can consistently win on darts. This is due to the low popularity of this sport in Russia and too low coefficients for not so unambiguous outcomes. If you nevertheless decide to try betting on this sport, prepare carefully for each fight, otherwise the risk of going into a negative is too great.

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