How to bet total on sports – what is total in sports betting?

How to bet total on sports – what is total in sports betting?

In the standard line in sports betting, in addition to choosing a winner, a draw and a handicap, there is a bet on total. What is total in bets, what is whole and fractional total and why beginners like to bet on more or less than a certain outcome of a match, we will tell you right now.

Total in football betting

What does total mean in bets?

Total (Total, in the line – T, TM, TB) – designation of the number of goals scored, washers, points in the match. For example, the final score of the match is 3: 3. The total is 3 + 3 = 6. The total bet is 1.5 more (in the line it will be denoted as TB 1.5) won, since 1.5

What is total in 2.5 bets? This line should be read like this: a bet will win if more (TB) or less (TM) 2.5 goals are scored in the match.

In other words, it is the sum of the outcome of the match. Variants of the classic bet on total – total over (TB) and under (TM). And next to the bet on total there must be a number indicating the sum of the outcome of the match. For example, TB 3.5; TM 160.5 (if it is a bet on the NBA or any other basketball match).

What is total in soccer betting?

In a soccer match, this is the sum of goals scored. For example, total over 4.5 (TB 4.5) means that the bet will win if 5 or more goals are scored.

What is European Total?

  • European total can be whole (TB 2, TB 3) and half (TB 2.5, TM 3.5).
  • The essence whole total: the bet is refunded if the sum of the outcome of the match is equal to the total. For example, the TB 4 rate for football. The match ended with the score 3: 1, the sum of the outcome is 4. The total is equal to the sum of the outcome, the bet is returned. The bet would be won if the sum of the outcomes of the match were equal to 5 or more.
  • Half total considered the most common in bookmaker betting. Half total eliminates the return of the bet due to a draw. For example, the total bet is 1.5 (TB 1.5). Victory will come when 2 or more goals are scored and will not come if 1 goal is scored or the match is played without goals at all. It is impossible to score a goal and a half.
  • Rarely, but there is also a bet “Asian total” with coefficients such as 1.25, 2.75, etc. The essence of these bets boils down to the fact that the bet amount is divided in half. One part of the bet plays as a European total, the other – as a whole. That is, you bet 2000 rubles on the total of 3.75. This bet is divided into two: 1000 rubles for the total of 3.50 and 1000 rubles for the total 4. If the outcome of the match is 4, you get a win on the first half of the bet and return on the second.
  • Also distinguish individual total (points of only one team), total in the half (points for a certain period of the match), exact total (when the exact score of the match is indicated), total for the time period (for example, for the period from the 75th to the 90th minute of the match).

Why is total betting so popular?

  • A classic bet on total of 2.5 or 1.5 includes 2 options for the outcome of events: either a certain number of goals will be scored or not. No draw is given. This is especially important in football betting, where draws happen quite often.
  • The total betting strategy is simpler than other bets. Therefore, they are often chosen by beginners. The percentage of risk in total bets is lower than with other bets.
  • There is no need to deeply understand the sport. The probability of correctly guessing the total of the match is quite high. But for the most probable totals, the odds are not very high.
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