How to choose the right toner for refilling the cartridge

Printer operation and printing depend on many factors, both obvious and not so obvious. This is the printer itself and the performance of the cartridge and even toner. A lot depends on it. If you choose a bad toner, you can forget about printing and printer labor.

Technical features of toner

Toner is a powder that is used by dry-type printing to create a picture on paper. Without toner, there will be no laser printing. In addition to it, printing is affected by a lot of other things:

• Photolesceous;
• Cleaning blade;
• Shaft of development;
• Blade-dispenser;
• Shaft of primary charge;

Under the same conditions, toner and cold drum will give a more faded print than a hot drum. One toner will print differently in different printers, all because of the level of wear of the equipment itself. Therefore, when choosing a toner, the degree of wear should be taken into account. And remember that from time to time, you will need to replace the parts. No need to mix different toners. This is all because toners of different manufacturers have different structures. And then, a simple refilling of the cartridge will not get off. You will need to repair the printer fully and may even have to buy a new one. How the mixture will manifest itself cannot be predicted. Maybe it will break the printer or work. Very often, the printer breaks when mixing multi-colored toner. Then this is what you need to go to service centers.

Universal toner

Applying them, you need to remember that the quality of work will be different on different printers. Often the differences are almost imperceptible and sometimes visible immediately. There is no complete versatility. Everything often turns out well when toner is used in cartridges of the first “generation.” Sometimes it isn’t easy to combine all the components. And without this, the result will be terrible. To make everything great, use only the highest quality consumables: American manufacturers HANP, Static Control.

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