How to Clean the photo drum of the laser printer

A photo drum in a laser printer forms an image on a sheet of paper. This part tends to wear out, which leads to a deterioration in print quality. When contamination appears on the photo pile, laser printing defects are also formed on the prints. Why is it polluted? How and how to clean the photo drum of a laser printer? These questions will be answered by the masters of the TonFix service center.

Why does the drum need to be cleaned – the reasons?

The photosensitive layer of the drum can become contaminated for the following reasons:

  • use of low-quality toner;
  • high humidity and temperature affect the toner that is collected on rollers;
  • during the refilling of the cartridge, fingerprints or other contaminants remain on the roller;
  • the bunker with spent toner has not been cleaned for a long time;
  • use of low-quality paper (paper dust).
  • the rakel (cleaning blade) has worn out and needs to be replaced.
загрязнение фотобарабанатребуется чистка фотобарабана

Contamination of the drum – Signs

  • printer strips when printing;
  • symmetrical dots appear on the prints;
  • the printer prints a gray background.

How to clean the photo drum of a laser printer?

Before starting work, it is necessary to prepare a pile-free napkin and one of the following materials:

  • isopropyl alcohol;
  • ULS or other drum cleaner.
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Some manufacturers of consumables complete their drums with disposable wipes soaked in alcohol. They can also be used to clean this part.

Tips from masters

  1. 1 Prepare talc or starting powder. After all the manipulations, it is recommended to apply a layer of talc or toner to the photoval. This is necessary so that the roller does not jam.
  2. 2 Use rubber gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints.
  3. 3 Lubricate drum axes with conductive grease in HP and Canon cartridges.
  4. 4 Make sure that sunlight does not fall on the place where the photovol will be cleaned.
  5. 5 Do not use flammable products near the printer.
как очистить фотобарабан

How to Clean the Laser Printer Drum

We figured out the point of how to clean the cartridge drum. Now you need to understand how. The drum is located inside the printer in a drum unit or cartridge. There are two ways to clean.

Option #1 – Cleaning the drum of the laser printer without removing

  1. 1 Open the printer cover.
  2. 2 Remove the drum unit or cartridge.
  3. 3 Lift the curtain.
  4. 4 Wipe the visible part of the drum.
  5. 5 Scroll the drive gear to make the shaft turn around.
  6. 6 Wipe the rest of the light-sensitive drum.
очистка фотобарабана лазерного принтерачистка фотобарабана

Note! If you find chips, scuffs, or other types of damage, restore the laser printer – replace the drum. You can order this service in our service center.

Option #2 – How to clean the drum

1. Remove the cartridge. Unscrew the side cover.

laser cartridge drum cleaningкак почистить фоторецептор

2. Pull the drum by the axis until completely removed. Wipe its work area with a napkin.

разделите картридж на половинкичистка барабана принтера

3. Vacuum the hopper with the working. Replace the drum and assemble the cartridge in reverse order.

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чистка картриджа лазерного принтераобратная сборка картриджа

We recommend using the second method, as it is more effective. Clean the pile during each refueling, and remember to remove the working out of the HP and Canon cartridge bins. Often the cause of rapid contamination of the drum is a worn Rakel (cleaning blade). To identify the exact cause of defects, we recommend that you seek help from specialists. If you need prompt refilling of cartridges with the departure of the master at home, you can also ask for help from the masters of the TonFix service. They will thrive the printer, clean the drum, bunkers, and other parts in less than 15 minutes.

Photo Credits: TonFix

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