How to clear Windows 7/8/10 Print Queue?

When users send a pack of documents from a PC to a printing device, they fall into a certain buffer zone – a queue. They are printed in the order in which the user sent the documents to the printer. This avoids confusion with documents. Sometimes there is a need to clear the print queue. Why and how to do it, we will tell you.

Why do I clean the print queue?

Imagine this: you decide to print a couple of important documents. They sent them to print, but the MFP, for some reason, is silent. You repeat the sending, but the result does not change. Here are a few of the main reasons why this happens:

  1. The printer is not included – banal, but vital.
  2. Ran out of toner or ink and need to refill the printer.
  3. There is no paper in the tray.
  4. By default, another printing device is selected and the docks are sent to it.
  5. There was a breakdown of printing equipment and requires repair of the MFP or printer, etc.

Before removing the print queue, you need to solve all the pressing problems: refill the cartridge, troubleshoot, etc. If the printed office equipment works properly, it is connected to the PC. The printer is configured correctly. Then you need to clear the print queue. Also, the need to clean the list arises if you mistakenly sent the wrong document for printing.

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Method #1: How to Clear or Cancel a Print Queue Through Printer Properties

Let’s start with the elementary method. To implement it, go to [Devices and Printers]. Find the label of the necessary equipment there. Click on it PKM and [View Queue…]. Now you know how to view the print queue.

Now the window with the list has started. In the upper left corner will be the inscription [Printer]. Click on it and decide on the command: cancel or stop. If your computer doesn’t respond to your command, try deleting the documents manually. If you are not removing a document from the print queue, you must use other methods.

Method #2: How to remove documents from the print queue

Restart your PC by disconnecting the printed device before doing so. This is not the most convenient way, but very effective. After turning on your computer, be sure to connect the printer via a network or USB cable.

Method #3: How to reset the print queue on the printer manually

Did the reboot not bring the desired results, or is there no way to perform it? It’s time to take more serious measures. It’s time to stop the print spooler. Perform this procedure using different methods. Here are the simplest of them:

  • click [⊞] and write “services”;
  • go to the appropriate category.
  • find in the general list [Print manager];
  • click PKM and stop it.

After that, you need to go to the conductor. In the upper right corner of the window, there is a search bar. Enter the word PRINTERS there and start your search. The computer will show the location of the folder with this name. Please enter it. Erase all documents from type. SHD (contains settings) and. SPL (these are the docks you sent to the printer). After this procedure, do not forget to re-enable the dispatcher. This method allows you to clear the print queue of a network printer on Windows 7, 8, 10 and is effective in 99% of cases.

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IMPORTANT! When tasks hang in the print queue, we recommend that you check the hardware properties. If the printer status is “disabled” or the printer is offline, you need to correct this situation. How to do this is described in more detail in other articles.

Method #4: How to clear the print queue in the printer via cmd

This method will appeal to fans of the team line. In fact, this is the previous version, but it is not performed manually but with the help of commands. This is the most affordable method if you need to clear the Windows 10 or 8 print queue.

1. At the start, go to the folder [Standard] in the list of programs. There you will see [Command Prompt]. Click on it PKM and run as an admin. Confirm your actions.

2. Enter the first command net stop spooler – it will stop the dispatcher. Then type:13– this will automatically delete the docks that contain the print jobs.

Net stop spoolerАвтоматическое удаление печати принтера

3. You also need to get rid of information docks. To do this, 14use the command. All that’s left is to turn on the print service. A simple net start spoolercommand does this.

Включаем службу печатиnet start spooler

Note! After a new command, you need to press Enter and wait for its completion. The method operates regardless of the make, model of the device, and OS version.

Now you know how to delete, clear the print queue. If none of the options help you or there are problems in printing equipment operation, we recommend that you reinstall the printer drivers. Do not forget to check the condition of the toner. Perhaps it’s time to buy cartridges or carry out prevention.

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