How to connect a printer to a laptop

After the user has selected and bought a laptop, the question arises about its installation and connection. How to connect a printer to a computer over the network, you can learn from the past of our material. This guide will try to give the most detailed information that will help you easily connect the printer to your laptop. Nowadays, this is a fairly simple procedure that does not cause problems for users.

How to connect an MFP or printer to a laptop without a drive?

In most cases, Windows or Mac automatically installs the necessary drivers when an MFP or printer is connected to the laptop. However, this option is possible only when connecting printed office equipment via a USB cable. If you are thinking about connecting a laser printer to a laptop via WiFi, then the drivers must be installed without fail. If the package does not include a cd with drivers, it can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. The most important thing is to choose the right model of the device and the version of the operating system: Window 7, 10, or others. If you are still interested in installing a printer without a disk, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our other material.

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How to connect a printer to a laptop via USB cable?

This is perhaps the simplest method. If you own a wireless printer, we recommend that you go straight to other ways to connect. The printer must come with a USB cable. Didn’t find it in the box? Then you need to contact the nearest store. In addition to the cable, you will also need fresh drivers. Next, you need to insert the cable into the printer and laptop. Wait for the devices to “see” each other, go to [Printers], and get started.

How to connect your printer to Wi Fi?

The fastest metozh is WPS. This abbreviation stands for “secure Wi-Fi installation.” All printers do not support it. Check this information in the instructions or the description of the device on the manufacturer’s website. Next, perform the following manipulations:

  1. 1 Turn on the printer.
  2. 2 Find the WPS button on your router and press it once.
  3. 3 After that, you need to enable the appropriate mode on the printer.
  4. 4 Wait for the printer to automatically connect to the network.

If there is no WPS button, connect the printer manually:

  1. 1 Enter the settings of the device on the control panel.
  2. 2 Find the Wi-Fi section.
  3. 3 Enter your network name and password.
  4. 4 Wait for the connection to finish.
connecting the printer to your laptop via Wi-Fiкак подключить принтер к ноутбуку через роутер

How to connect your printer to your laptop via Wi Fi – Windows 7

Now that the printing equipment and the note are connected to the same network, it’s time to connect them. Connecting the printer to the laptop is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. 1 Open [My Computer] and go to [Network]. There you will find the name of the printing equipment. Right-click (PKM) and connect the printer.
  2. 2 You can also connect via [Control Panel]. Go to [Hardware and Sound] – [ Devices andPrinters] – [Printer Installation]. Select the option [Add… wireless or Bluetooth printer]. From the list, select the desired device and finish connecting.
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How to connect your laptop to a printer over a local network?

A laptop printer is an information output device. Please turn on the printer, laptop, connect them to the local network. Follow these steps:

  1. 1 Go to [Start] – [Control Panel] – [ Devicesand Printers] – [Local Connection].
  2. 2 Create a new connection. In the tab [Port Type] select [Standard TCP/IP].
  3. 3 Enter the port name and IP address of the printer.

How to connect a printer to a Windows 10 laptop?

Windows 10 is one of the most common operating systems on laptops. The manufacturer supports it, so the printing equipment is connected without problems in semi-automatic mode. You can also add a printing device manually:

  1. 1 Press [Win+I], select the category [Devices].
  2. 2 In the subparagraph [Printers and scanners] select [Add…].
  3. 3 If the printer does not connect in automatic mode, select the desired option and follow the recommendations.

You can connect the printer to the Laptop Windows 10 without the help of a wizard. Do not forget to install the drivers from the official website of the printer manufacturer.

How to print from laptop to printer via WiFi?

To send a document for printing, open the document, go to the tab [File] – [Print] and select the desired printer. All! It remains only to configure the printer printing: select the number of copies, paper size, and other parameters.

Now you know how to connect a printer to a laptop and how to print a document. Do not forget to refrig the cartridges promptly and carry out prevention.

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