How to consistently win on the sweepstakes

How to consistently win on the sweepstakes

Sports betting is a great opportunity to hit a big jackpot by betting very little money. But if everything were that simple, now everyone would be millionaires, and bookmakers have long gone bankrupt. Most players lose, and only a lucky few win. How to beat bookmakers and consistently make a profit, we will tell you in our article about win-win strategies for playing the sweepstakes.

How to win on the sweepstakes?

Features of the betting game

A modern tote is a kind of express bet that some bookmakers offer their players. Its essence is as follows: a pool is created from the total amount of players’ bets, which is then played out between all participants. There are no odds in this case, and the winnings do not directly depend on the size of the bet.

For a bookmaker, the tote is a win-win option anyway. The drawing is carried out strictly on the money of all participants minus the bookmaker’s commission. Thus, if there are no winners, all the money will remain with the bookmaker, otherwise the bookmaker will pay the winnings to the players and take the commission.

From the side of the player, this is a much more risky event, because he risks the entire amount of the bet at once. If you bet a large amount, it is likely that you will get much less even if you win.

Usually 15 matches are offered for bets, the outcome of which must be guessed (W1, X, W2). Matches are taken from unpopular championships to make it harder to guess the outcome. After the player marks all the options, he needs to place a bet. The maximum bet in most cases is not limited, the minimum amount is usually indicated immediately (for example, at least 10 rubles for each outcome).

what does the tote look like

Bets are calculated at the end of the last match from the coupon. To win, you need to guess at least 9 outcomes out of 15, the more events are indicated correctly, the more you win. Its value depends on the size of the bet, the number of winners and other factors, which you can read about directly in the rules of the game in the bookmaker’s office. The jackpot will be awarded to the one who correctly guesses absolutely all matches.

Factors to consider when playing sweepstakes

So, we have learned who the tote is, and how to play it. Now let’s take a look at the factors that are important when making forecasts.

  • Perhaps the most important factor is the scale of the competition. As we already wrote above, usually for the betting game, the bookmaker offers matches from lower leagues, in which a small number of players understand. Therefore, before choosing the outcomes, it is recommended to study the information about the participants and be sure to check how motivated they will be in the upcoming fight.
  • Another very important factor is the composition of each team. It so happens that the absence of just one player can completely change the pattern of the game and significantly weaken one of the opponents. Pay particular attention to the squads of the national teams.
  • The head coach also plays an important role. Teams with good coaches can perform better than expected. And vice versa, with a poor specialist, even strong players begin to degrade. The coach’s recent castling is also important. Usually, in the first matches with a new coach, teams play beyond their capabilities.
  • Pay attention to where the match is taking place. The home team usually has a better chance of success. But not always, there are opposite situations, when the team performs poorly at home, but on the contrary it is good away. Check this moment.
  • It is also important in what weather conditions the fight will take place. This is true for outdoor matches. The worse the weather is expected, the harder it will be for the favorite to win.
  • The experience of the players, as well as their physical and psychological condition, play an equally important role in the final result. If a team is too young, it can become overwhelmed in an important match and perform below its capabilities. The atmosphere in the dressing room can also greatly affect the course of the meeting, as well as the fatigue of the players.

Win-win betting strategies

So, now you know how the betting game is carried out, and also got acquainted with the most important factors that can affect the success of your bets. Now it’s time to talk about strategies that will help you stay profitable.

Before we give specific examples, I would like to touch upon an aspect of psychology. It is he who is the most important component of the success of any player. Experienced bettors are good at coping with their emotions and assessing the degree of risk, they always know what kind of result they are aiming at.

It is necessary to understand that the risk is always present and at any rates. Even if you choose an outcome with odds of 1.01, it still has a chance to fail. Therefore, you need to protect yourself not by choosing exclusively favorites, but by adhering to a strategy that has proven itself to be successful.

Flat strategy when playing on the sweepstakes

Flat (from English flat betting) is a financial strategy that takes control of your bankroll when making bets. Its main principle is a fixed rate, the amount depends only on the percentage of the bank.

As an example, let’s imagine that your bankroll is 20,000 rubles, and the size of the fixed rate for yourself you have outlined at the level of 1%, that is, 200 rubles. Now let’s imagine that you made 20 bets of 200 rubles each and received a total profit of 2,000, respectively, your bank is now equal to 22,000. After that, the size of the fixed rate increases to 220 rubles.

This is clear, but now let’s look at what “flats” exist.

Static flat

This is the easiest strategy to start with for all beginners. In fact, we have already described it a little higher. The point is that you bet exactly 1% of your bank, regardless of the duration of all bets.

Academic flat

This is perhaps the most popular type of this strategy, which is used by most of the players. The amount of the rate varies from 1 to 3 percent and depends on several factors:

  • The player’s confidence in the passage of the bet;
  • His knowledge of the sport he bets on;
  • From the presence of a successful or unsuccessful series.

Aggressive flat

This type of strategy assumes rates at 2-3% of the size of the bank. And what, then, is the difference from the academic flat, many will ask? The difference is that this percentage is used almost always and does not decrease even in the event of a failed streak or poor awareness of the state of the teams.

Chaotic flat

The last type of this strategy is fully consistent with its name. We would not recommend it to you, unless you are very confident in your strengths and luck.

The essence of this variation is that the player constantly changes the amount of the bet, which can exceed 10% of the bank. Usually it is used in cases when the bank is small, and the time is limited, and the player wants to take risks here and now.

Rules for the successful use of a flat strategy

To successfully apply this strategy in practice, you must strictly follow its basic rules:

  • Do not increase the size of the bet on emotions, try to keep it within 1-3%.
  • Decide in advance for yourself when you will recalculate the amount of the bet depending on the increase or decrease in your bank.
  • Try to choose equally likely events with not too low or high odds.
  • Carefully approach the choice of a bookmaker, study the odds offered by the bookmaker, the number of different outcomes to choose from, the reliability of the bookmaker.
  • Keep track of the number of your bets and the level of their traffic. To do this, constantly study the statistics of the game and analyze it.

Finally, we want to say that the game on the sweepstakes is not much different from the usual bets that you make every day. For ultimate success, you need to carefully prepare by studying information about your opponents, analyzing weather conditions and other factors.

Due to the fact that little-known teams and championships are usually included in the betting coupon, you will need to spend more time getting ready, but this is a must to win.

Do not forget about the psychological factor: it is impossible to win all the time, be prepared for defeat and do not panic in this case. And, of course, don’t forget to stick to your chosen strategy. It is then that success and stable profit will await you.

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