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How to fix “Feeder: No Feed – Reboot” in HP M426 Printer,

Hp LaserJet M426, M521, M425, and M427 laser printers are vulnerable – the automatic document feeder (ADF) fails. It is not designed for long-term operation. Over time, the feeder loop grinds, and the ADF ceases to perform its functions. On the MFP HP M426fdn error “feeder – no feed,” and the user has problems using the device. The official manufacturer offers consumers only a complete replacement of the automatic feeder (ADF), which is not profitable for the latter. But this error can be solved much cheaper – more on this later in the article.

HP M426 Printer Does Not Work ADR – Symptoms

The user is faced with the following situation: when copying or scanning, the device begins to work, but instead of a fingerprint, it displays the message “Feeder: no feed, reboot.” The printer is buzzing, but the paper capture doesn’t happen. The top capture rollers may not even budge. False jamming of paper in the printer can occur due to a malfunction of the sensors and problems with the loop of the same ADF. If there is no stuck paper in the printing path, sheets are loaded into the tray, but the MFP does not start working – it’s time to check the ADF.

Wear of the cable of the autofeeder HP M426, M 425, M427 – Reason

ADF wires are short and arranged so that they break every time the lid is opened. This is a structural flaw. The HP 426 error “feeder: no feeder” or informing about the jamming of paper, which is not there, are “sores” of this series of devices. Typically, this happens after 15,000 pages are scanned through the ADF. If the printer does not see the paper, then the causes of the malfunction should be sought in other nodes of the printing system.

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Printer M426 “feeder: no feed – reboot” – What to do?

If you do not resume printing the HP M426 after you add paper, you must perform diagnostics. It is advisable to seek help from specialists since an independent examination of the device is ineffective. Repair of the printer is also recommended to entrust to the masters. If you are diagnosed with a problem with the ADF cable, the procedure for replacing it is as follows:

1. For the HP M425, M426 Printer, the AD Feeder disassembly begins with removing the bottom paper tray. The screw located at the bottom of the case is unscrewed. The side cover, which is attached to the latches, is removed.

HP M426 не работает автоподатчик – что делатьОшибка HP 426 податчик: нет подачи

2. Next, you need to unscrew another screw and disconnect the loops marked in the photo on the left. The cover, which is located under the scanner, is removed, the wire is released, and the jade ring is removed from one of the loops.

Принтер M426 податчик: нет подачи – перезагрузитеM426 податчик: нет подачи

3. To completely remove the scanner unit, the rod clip is removed. Now in the MFP HP, M426 ADF can be completely removed. The jade ring of the second plume is peeled off and removed.

не возобновляется печать HP M426 после добавления бумаги M426 разборка автоподатчика

4. The next step is to remove the carriage. It is attached by a small retainer, which is marked with a red arrow. It must be pushed aside and removed from the loops of the carriage itself. In the HP M426, the ADF cable is mounted with a hexagonal slot screw.

HP M426 шлейф автоподатчикаHP M426 замена шлейфа

5. The faulty plume is removed. It’s ten-pin (10 pins). On sale, there is an analog of FFA-M426 (10-pin). You can use the eleven-pin cable CE538-60106 FF-M1536 (11-pin), but one track must be bent. After the HP M426 cable is replaced, the ADF cable is reverse assembled.

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податчик: нет подачи перезагрузите M426 12

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