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How to fix: Incompatible toner cartridge Error

Copying and printing equipment can throw up an unpleasant surprise at the moment when you least expect it. For example, you need to print a term paper or an important report, and instead of the first print, you see a message on your computer screen: “incompatible cartridges.” If you need to restore the printer as soon as possible, contact the service center for help or use the tips of our wizards, which are described below.

Why does the cartridge give an incompatibility error?

Here is a list of the main reasons when the problem with the incompatibility of the cartridge:

  • incorrect installation of cartridges;
  • you’re really using a non-compatible model;
  • contamination or damage to contacts;
  • the chip has not been replaced;
  • a region conflict related to the chip or printer settings.
  • the software firmware was incorrectly performed;
  • malfunction of the printer itself.

Note! Note that if your printer does not see the cartridge at all, this is slightly different, which we considered in our earlier material. If the device sees a consumable, but recognizes it as an incompatible cartridge with toner, continue to read this article.

The printer writes “incompatible cartridges” – what to do?

The simplest explanation for this situation is that you have installed the cartridges incorrectly. Try removing them from the print compartment and inserting them again. If you are trying to install a new cartridge or consumable that has been filled in the workshop, inspect it for a conveyor belt. It protects the nozzles and contacts of the inkjet cartridge from moisture, dust, and damage. The laser cartridges also have protection for the chip, drum, and toner spill film. All of these protections need to be removed.

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You’re really using an incompatible cartridge

If the error “incompatible cartridge” appeared after buying a compatible consumable, it is worth rechecking everything. This situation is not uncommon when the user orders consumables on Chinese sites. There is an attractive price, but it isn’t easy to clarify the information—those who want to buy cartridges for printers can order them in our service center. Our managers will tell you which model is suitable for your device to avoid getting into a similar situation. Below are the Kyocera TK-17 and TK-170 cartridges – they are incompatible:

cartridge Kyocera TK-17cartridge Kyocera TK-170

Chip and configuration issues

  1. The contacts were stained with toner or ink.
  2. The chip was damaged during transportation or installation of the cartridge.
  3. The chip was not replaced during refueling.
  4. There was a conflict of regions.

If the printer writes “incompatible cartridges,” arm yourself with a pile-free cloth dipped in distilled water. Wipe your contacts. You need to act carefully since the slightest damage to the chip can adversely affect its performance.

Attention! In inkjet cartridges, it is forbidden to wipe the nozzles. It is not recommended to keep the inkwells outside the machine for more than 30 minutes to avoid drying out. It is recommended to wipe the contacts of the carriage additionally.

An HP cartridge error can occur if the chip is damaged. Check the chip for integrity. Replace it if necessary. Incompatible HP Canon cartridge – this message may pop up if the chip has not been replaced after refueling. Here’s an example of a similar message for inkjet printers: “Incompatible HP printer cartridges. This printer is not designed to use SNPCh (Continuous Ink System). To resume printing, remove the SNPCh, then install genuine HP ink cartridges (or compatible).”

Note! We recommend that you refill your printers with proven services with a reliable reputation, especially when it comes to cartridges for lasers.

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Manufacturers of printed office equipment Xerox, Lexmark, and Samsung produce products for different regions. At the same time, everyone does it according to their own scheme. Xerox has the entire globe divided into 3 regions, Lexmark into 5 and Samsung into more than 20. For example, the Samsung M2070 has an incompatible toner cartridge if the chip is programmed for one region and the printer for another. A similar situation can be observed in many cases. Here are some of them:

  • You’ve moved from one country to another. Your cartridge has run out, you’re buying a new one. The printer is “sharpened for another region”, so you see the inscription: incompatible cartridge with toner – Samsung.
  • You bought a printer with delivery from another country, but you were not told about its region.
  • You purchased chips or consumables without specifying the region.

You need to print the printer information page and check that you belong to the region.

несовместимый картридж – конфликт регионов

Firmware or printer problems

A discrepancy in one number or letter of the firmware can lead to consequences such as a printer cartridge error. A qualified master must carry out printer firmware. When the wrong firmware is installed, the printer “swears” about the incompatibility of cartridges with the tone or other problems in its work. Does your device behave similarly after flashing? Call service center – they will help to correct this situation.

The problem may be the control board when a memory chip or other node fails. This rarely happens, but it happens. About whether you need to repair the printer, the master will be able to say after a detailed diagnosis.

As you have already understood, it is possible to solve the error “incompatible cartridge with toner” Samsung, HP. The main thing is to determine the source of its occurrence. If you can’t handle the error yourself, contact the service center for help.

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