How to make a QIWI wallet – registration, statuses, options in the menu

How to make a QIWI wallet – registration, statuses, options in the menu

If you believe what the official website of the QIWI payment system says, namely “creating a wallet is easier than tying your shoelaces,” then customers should not have any problems with creating and designing a qiwi wallet. Is it so? To begin with, we consider it necessary to understand what a QIWI wallet is, what this service is intended for and what functions of the modern world of services it is ready to take on.

Qiwi wallet - how to quickly issue

First of all, the qiwi wallet is an electronic wallet that stores banknotes and with which you can pay for services through an international payment system operating in eight countries. Qiwi wallet is also based on a prepaid Visa account. QIWI wallets are actively expanding the market and currently have a number of clients that exceeds 20 million.

With the help of the QIWI wallet, this audience has the opportunity to pay for the services of more than 13,000 enterprises. The qiwi wallet account can also be linked to a virtual or plastic Visa card, with which you can pay for goods and services all over the world, where Visa is accepted. In addition to goods and services, using the QIWI wallet, you can pay for a lot of services that are relevant in our time: mobile communications and the Internet, television and housing and communal services, online games, social networks and bookmakers. As you can see, the QIWI wallet is a rather multifunctional thing that allows you to facilitate payment processes in the modern world. It remains only to understand the principle of creating a wallet in order to avoid misunderstandings when working with it.

QIWI is a reliable means of payment

How to make a qiwi wallet – registration steps

  • First of all, to create a QIWI wallet, enter the query “qiwi” into google. Next, we click on the first link that opens, which sends us to the official website of the payment system –
  • click on the “create wallet” button.
  • then you need to enter your mobile phone number, and then go through the verification, proving that you are not a robot. As soon as you pass the check, an SMS message with a code will be sent to the entered mobile phone number, which must be entered in the appropriate field on the website. Attention: the phone number must be current and belong to you.
  • the next step is to come up with a password for your e-wallet. Basic requirements for it: must not be shorter than seven characters, must contain numbers and Latin letters, as well as both lowercase and uppercase letters. As soon as you have come up with a password and entered it in the appropriate field, feel free to click the “register” button.
  • after the performed simple operations, your QIWI wallet is created. Then it remains in the appropriate field to indicate the mobile phone number, which will further serve as the number of your electronic wallet.
  • you may also see a notification with the offer to “enable SMS notifications” in order to keep abreast of financial transactions in the QIWI wallet. Two options will be available: either enable SMS notifications, or click the “do not show again” button, or click on the cross in the right corner and close the link.
  • The next step in working with the QIWI wallet will be to replenish it using a bank card, mobile phone or terminal.
  • then, with each new login to your electronic account, you will need to click the “login” button and enter your mobile phone number and password.

QIWI wallet interface

As soon as you enter your e-wallet, the most important thing is not to get confused and know what this or that button is responsible for.

  • Button 1 – the phone number is indicated here, which is also the login to enter the QIWI wallet.
  • Button 2 – a qiwi account in rubles, which can be replenished in QIWI terminals.
  • Button 3 – with this button you can configure the required functionality of your e-wallet.
  • Button 4 – the button for the correct exit from the wallet.
  • Button 5 – enable SMS notifications.
  • Button 6 – close SMS notification.
  • Button 7 – replenishment of your QIWI e-wallet.

QIWI website - what it looks like

QIWI wallet statuses and methods of obtaining them

Having entered the settings, you can find out the status of your QIWI wallet. There are three levels of status:

  • Anonymous (no identification)
  • Standard (partial identification)
  • Maximum (full identification)

Depending on the capabilities of the wallet, there are three of its statuses:

  • minimum
  • basic
  • professional

Minimum status

The “Minimum” status is issued absolutely free of charge, and in order to upgrade your status to the next level, you need to go through the identification procedure. The advantages of the “Basic” and “Professional” statuses are that the account owner will be able to make purchases on foreign sites, transfer money to other wallets and bank cards.

Status “Basic”

In order to get the “Main” status, you need to go to the “Identification” section, then select the “Main” status and click the “Get this status” button. If necessary, log into the QIWI wallet, and also fill out the form, indicating your last name, first name, patronymic, date of birth and identity document details. You may need a TIN or SNILS number.

Status “Professional”

To achieve the “Professional” status of the qiwi wallet, you will need your personal presence at one of the QIWI offices or at the points of the payment system partners. First of all, citizens of the Russian Federation need to have a passport with them. To complete the identification, you must confirm the personal data you provided in one of the following ways:

  • Go to the “Settings” section, select the “Confirm identification” tab. For confirmation, you must indicate the last four digits of your passport and the code from the SMS message that will be sent to you.
  • Send an SMS message using the instructions that will come to your phone number.

After your data goes through the verification procedure, the status of your e-wallet will be changed with the addition of new features.

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