How to make money according to Bob McCune’s strategy in hockey betting?

How to make money according to Bob McCune’s strategy in hockey betting?

Bob McCune’s strategy (Bob Mccune) – this is a special approach to betting in a bookmaker’s office, based on the correct reading of the line, even without special knowledge in sports. This strategy provides 55-62% of long-range passability.

McKune - hockey betting

The method is best suited for hockey. The key idea of ​​the strategy is that the odds move not at the expense of bettors’ bets, but thanks to insiders and smart handicappers who know a little more than others. Bob McCune believes that reading the line movement correctly is the key to profitable play. He wrote about this in the book Education of a Sports Bettor.

Who is Bob McCune?

In the middle of the last century, he was a successful bodybuilder. However, McKune gained real fame when he plunged into the world of betting. He became interested in betting already in adulthood. He was the head of The Vegas Sport Information Center, which sold sports predictions. His capper kept the rate at 55-65 percent.

Bob McCune

Bob McCune – author of the line movement betting strategy

Subsequently, he revealed his system, McKune improved it, relying on the mathematical analysis of the coefficients, and explained in the book “Education of a sports bettor.” Instantly the publication gained popularity, because inside was the revealed secret of successful forecasting of sporting events. And most importantly, it was available to anyone who wanted it. Moreover, for this it was not necessary to participate in the process around the clock, it was enough to devote a few hours a week to bets.

Bob McCune’s strategy idea

Let’s repeat what the expert bodybuilder claims – the system gives 55-62% permeability. This is a very strong indicator, especially considering that for this you do not need to understand the intricacies of sports. Initially, Bob McCune introduced the system for hockey betting, but many even use it in other sports. The specialist’s ideas are based on the movement of bookmaker quotes. The last shift is considered the most important, close to the final result. Bob McCune noted several options for the behavior of the bookmaker’s line:

  • If the handicap moves in the same direction, this allows you to determine whether to bet on a favorite or an outsider. If the handicap coefficient increases, then you need to bet on the favorite of the meeting, if it decreases, then on the outsider.
  • If the line does not move, then it is logical to bet on the favorite.
  • If the line did not move, but changed shortly before the start of the game, then the last change in the coefficients will be the most correct (in which direction the fall should be placed).

Features of the application of the Bob McCune strategy

It is believed that his ideas are already outdated. However, individual thoughts are still relevant to this day. The debate about the effectiveness of the Bob McCune method continues to this day. Some called his strategy “McCune’s Marasmus” due to the fact that he wrote his book at an advanced age.

In modern realities, you need to understand certain points in order to really turn out to be a plus, acting according to the strategy of Bob McCune. Firstly, this method is more suitable for events of small and less popular competitions. Relatively speaking, a huge number of people bet on NHL matches. But tournaments of student teams or amateur tournaments are, for the most part, “smart money”. The opinion of the crowd here is unlikely to affect the movement of the odds. Secondly, the choice of a bookmaker is important. Here we note Pinnacle. Due to the lower prevalence and popularity, the movement of the odds in this bookmaker’s office is more dependent on insiders and smart handicappers. Pinnacle is often used by professional players. Third, do not stop tracking the movement of the odds until the beginning of the event. Sometimes significant changes occur in the last two or three minutes before the start. And last but not least, do not bet on odds below 1.82. This is strictly noted in the book by Bob McCune.


Why is Bob McCune’s strategy outdated?

Bob McCune’s strategy originated in the era of offline bookmakers. There was no internet then. There was no such thing as live betting. Accordingly, it was much easier to understand that you have selected the correct event to bet on. Already half an hour before the match, the bettors understood that they could earn. Now it is much more difficult to follow the changes in the bookmaker’s quotes, it requires a lot of intelligence and patience.

Why are some of Bob McCune’s ideas relevant?

Despite the fact that the theory is more suitable for the era of offline bookmakers, these principles still apply in the world of betting. The only difference is that odds changes have become more difficult to track (too many changes). But in less popular sports, Bob McCune’s strategy still works.

– Where to place bets on Bob McCune’s strategy?

Use Pinnacle. This bookmaker has fewer odds changes than the more common ones. Accordingly, the line moves in accordance with McCune’s theory.

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