How to make money sports betting

How to make money sports betting

For novice bettors, sports betting seems like an easy way to make money. What could be simpler – to bet on the desired event and get money from it. But reality is often harsh. All novice players will sooner or later lose their first pot.

Some continue to mindlessly bet, others analyze their actions, looking for mistakes. Let’s figure out how to make money on sports betting.

How to make money on betting (sports betting)?

Can you make money on sports betting?

It is possible to make money on sports betting, but not in the way that novice players imagine it. Bookmakers are not charitable organizations and don’t throw money around. Therefore, most bettors are in the red.

This is due to the margin – the bookmaker’s commission, which is taken on any bet. Regardless of the outcome of the meeting, the office will remain in positive territory. In order to make a profit from bets, you need to make not 51% of successful bets, but about 65%. The figure is very large, but real.

How much can you earn from sports betting?

There is no definite answer to this question. Sports betting, like short-distance gambling, can show any result. But earning means a stable income over a long period of time.

There is information that with a competent approach, a professional bettor can receive up to 50% per annum, working on sports betting. From a financial point of view, this is a lot. Such large returns are associated with a high degree of risk.

Another important point is that bookmakers do not like professionals. In most of them, tappers who show positive results in the long run cut the bill. Therefore, you need to choose your bookmaker wisely.

How to make the right money on sports betting

There are some basic rules to follow. Without these foundations, it is impossible to make money on bets at bookmakers.

Use strategies and discipline

There is no universal strategy for making money on betting on the Internet. It is not necessary to make a blind bet based on tactics alone. But it is worth listening to them for two reasons:

  • The tactics are based on statistics. With a properly selected match, the analysis of statistical data allows you to gain an advantage over the bookmaker’s office.
  • Strategies help control the bank. One of the gamblers’ problems is uneven bets. Having made several unsuccessful bets, the player can be left with zero on the balance.

You can get acquainted with all the tactics in the “Betting strategy” section.

Sports betting is excitement. If a player sets the task of making money, then he should not succumb to this feeling. It turns out this is not for everyone. Many people drain the balances, betting all-in on the next “ZhB”. It has nothing to do with making money. Gambling control and iron discipline are the keys to success in professional betting.

Useful tips on what to do to make money on bets

There are three rules that must be followed, regardless of the chosen betting strategy:

  • Bonuses. Bookmakers offer their customers free bets and other bonuses – use them. But read the terms carefully. If you are not sure that you will have time to wager the received bonus within the stated time frame, then it is better to refuse it.
  • Choose multiple sports. If we are talking about something global, for example, football, then you need to choose yes or three championships. It is impossible to follow all the trends. Chasing several hares will lead to zero on the balance sheet.
  • Statistics. Professional bettors keep detailed statistics of their bets. This allows you not only to control your bankroll, but also to find errors in your predictions.

How to really make money on sports betting

We have come to the main point – what to bet on. There are two schemes that allow players to gain profit over a long distance.


These bets are called arbitrage situations. Regardless of the outcome of the meeting, the player remains in the black. The principle is based on the fact that bookmakers give different quotes for a match. For example, in the first bookmaker on P1 they give 2.05, in the second on P2 – 2.1. If you bet on each event, then the player, regardless of the result, will receive a profit.

But there are several nuances:

  • Bookmakers don’t like surebets. There are exceptions, for example Pinnacle, but most bookmakers, having caught the player in constant use of arbitrage situations, will limit the maximum bets on the account.
  • There are few profitable forks. The profitability of most of them does not exceed 3-5%. This leads to the following disadvantage.
  • In order to really make money at such rates, you need to have a large bank of several thousand dollars. Not all players can afford it.
  • The number of bookmakers and exchanges where surebets are allowed is very small. This further narrows the number of available arbitrage situations with a yield of a few percent.
  • Limiting the maximums. The maximum bet on arbitrage situations, even in professional bookmakers, is not high.
  • There is a possibility that one of the bookmakers will cancel the bet. In this case, the bettor may incur losses.

With surebets, you can make money on sports betting. But don’t think that this is a reliable source of income. From the point of view of investors, they are high-risk investments.

Value bets – how to make money betting on bookmaker mistakes

Value bets are bets in which the possible profit is significantly higher than the funds spent. In other words, it is a mathematical error in calculating probabilities. If the bookmaker simply confuses the odds for the favorite and the outsider, then such a bet will be canceled, citing an error in the line. If the bookmaker made a mistake in determining the favorite, then such rates will not be refunded. Players receive their winnings.

In popular championships, value bets are rare. But the incredible happened last season – there was a big math mistake in the Champions League called Ajax. Were the Amsterdam players favorites in the matches? No, but they were given unreasonably high odds up to the semifinals. The betters who followed the tournament from qualifying made money on this.

Ajax is an isolated case in the popular championship. There is a sport where shortcomings are common – this is esports. If we consider the question of how to make money correctly on sports betting, then this is an ideal sport for three reasons:

  • The meta of the game with the new patch is instantly transformed. For classic sports, profound changes take months. In esports, everything happens in a day.
  • Within a short time, the team is gaining shape. Players quickly adapt to the patch. At the same time, obvious outsiders calmly defeat the favorites. There are similar examples at almost every major tournament.
  • Features of the game. Each discipline has its own mechanics that affect quotes. Knowing these features, tippers catch high odds. One example is a bet in Dota 2 against a team with an Alchemist.

Bookmakers do not have time to react to all these changes and give a line based on old data.

Sports betting is a risk. But if you approach it wisely, then you can make money on it. But considering sports betting as a serious investment instrument is still not worth it – there are too many risks.

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