How to minimize risk in sports betting?

How to minimize risk in sports betting?

Sports betting at the bookmaker’s office is always fraught with risks. Neither beginners nor professionals are immune from them. The difference is that the second category of bettors knows how to minimize the risk in sports betting, while beginners bet at random, all-in and in other ways that sooner or later lead to a loss. Let’s consider ways to minimize risks when betting in a bookmaker.

How best to minimize risk when betting

Common mistakes when betting on sports

Experienced bookmakers know that there are no win-win sports betting strategies that will allow you to beat bookmakers on request. We will not take into account surebets and corridors: if you bet by analysis, surprises have always happened and will happen. Barcelona at the peak of the form is capable of losing to an outsider in La Liga, and Novak Djokovic may stumble at the start of the Grand Slam tournament on a tennis player from the second hundred in the ranking. What can we say about North American leagues like the NBA and NHL, where weaker teams often beat favorites.

How to reduce risk when betting on sports

More than one bettor cannot completely eliminate mistakes and blunders from sports betting. But you can minimize the damage from them if you know where the problem lies. What are the most common betting mistakes?

  1. Favorite teams and athletes. The scourge of all beginners. To consistently beat bookmakers, you need to forget about preferences and rely on cold calculation and analysis. Evaluation of opponents must be completely impartial.
  2. Game in bookmaker in an unbalanced psychological state. Quarreled with a loved one? Problems at work? Or, on the contrary, a joyful event took place, and it seems that now “the sea is knee-deep”? In such conditions, you cannot place bets – they have a bad effect on decision-making.
  3. Small odds betting. Another common mistake, especially for beginners. Events with odds of 1.2 and below do not increase the likelihood of collecting a pot, rather, on the contrary. In any sport, at the most unexpected moment, a sensation can occur. In pursuit of a good jackpot, players often play such all-in bets (they put the entire pot several times in a row), which ultimately ends in a loss.
  4. Poor preparation for matches. In order to minimize the risk in sports betting and learn how to beat bookmakers, you need careful preparation for the matches. Study the teams / opponents, their current state, face-to-face meetings and other factors. It is worth reading the predictions on the Internet for information – from them you can glean an important fact that has escaped your attention (injury of one of the players).
  5. Inclusion of the same events in different express trains. A popular mistake among fans of express trains. We note right away that the chances of guessing a 3-event express with odds around 1.25 are less than a well-thought-out single for 1.9. But if you still prefer express trains, do not repeat events in them. One wrong prediction can cross out several bets at once.

Risk in sports betting: how to reduce the likelihood of losing

Amateurs and betting professionals in the bookmaker have developed several strategies, tips and tricks that help minimize risks and increase the likelihood of winning.

Bankroll management

This is a global strategy for managing your funds. Strict adherence to the rules is a key skill of a successful bettor, along with good forecasting. This does not guarantee a stable profit, but at least it will save you from rash losses.

There are several different control methods: fixed rate, fixed rate with thresholds, fractional, fixed and combined Kelly methods, and others. We will talk about them in more detail in a separate article.

Reverse betting

Professional bettors rarely use this method, but it has a place to be. Let’s say you bet your team will win a basketball game, and only then find out that it will not have a few key players. In this case, it is better to make a reverse forecast and minimize losses than to lose the entire amount of the first bet.

It is important to take into account all the nuances and rules of bookmaker, so as not to burn out in both cases. For example, some offices accept bets on basketball with overtime taken into account, while some offer such a forecast only in the list.

Handicap betting

The temptation to bet on the underdog with a high odds is always great, but the likelihood of losing is equally great. By betting on it with a positive handicap, a positive handicap, you will not only insure yourself, but also reduce the bookmaker’s margin (at high quotes, the margin usually increases).

Analysis of opposing teams and their rates

Any bet must be dictated by the analysis. If you see a team in the line that is heard and wins, but you do not have information about it, skip the market. A sensation can happen in any match, even where you absolutely don’t expect it. You also need to have a clear understanding of which sports are the best, which odds pass, what is the balance for the month or for all the time in the bets, etc.

Don’t play all-in trying to win back quickly

After any loss, you want to win back the lost as soon as possible, especially if one point, goal, rally, etc. was not enough to win. Under no circumstances start playing all-in and set the maximum bet amount for the day. It is best to cool down after a loss and return to betting the next day.

Don’t dial big expresses

The more events there are in the express, the higher the probability of losing. Professionals highly do not recommend express trains from 3 events and higher. If your goal is to make money by betting, it is better to play live.

Of course, all of the above tips will not protect you 100% from losing, but they will at least minimize the risks. Add to this a deep analysis of matches and cold calculation – and the chances of beating the bookmaker will increase significantly.

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