How to play Oscar Grind’s strategy

How to play Oscar Grind’s strategy

Oscar Grind’s strategy came to sports betting from the casino world. Thanks to its novelty and proven effectiveness, it managed to gain a foothold in various sports disciplines: football, hockey, tennis and, of course, basketball. Unlike the likes of Dogon and Martingale, Oscar Grind’s basketball betting strategy is less risky.

According to it, the bettor does not change the size of the lost bet, but after each victory he doubles the bet amount. This allows you to minimize risks and maximize profits during a successful streak. We will tell you more about Oscar Grind’s strategy in sports and basketball in our article.

Oscar Grind's basketball betting strategy

Fundamental rules

Like any other gaming strategy, Oscar Grind has its own rules that must be followed:

  1. You need to bet on outcomes with odds of at least 1.9, but preferably 2 or higher;
  2. Your pot size must be enough for at least 10 bets;
  3. The value of the first bet must be equal to the established unit;
  4. After losing the bet, the amount of the bet does not increase;
  5. After the victory, the bet amount is doubled;
  6. The main task is to win an amount equal to or more than a conventional unit;
  7. Upon reaching the goal, you need to start the cycle again.

To make it clearer, let’s look at a specific example.

Let’s imagine that our bank is equal to 10,000 rubles, we make an initial bet of 1,000 rubles (10% of the bank) on events with a coefficient of 2.

Bid Bet size Result Bank
1 1000 Losing 10000 – 1000 = 9000
2 1000 Losing 9000 – 1000 = 8000
3 1000 Losing 8000 – 1000 = 7000
4 1000 Winnings 6000 + 2000 = 8000
5 2000 Losing 8000 – 2000 = 6000
6 2000 Winnings 4000 + 4000 = 8000
7 4000 Winnings 4000 + 8000 = 12000

As you can see, only 3 out of 7 bets won, but they also brought in income twice the amount of the initial bet. This shows that you can bet not only on events with odds of 2 or higher, but also on totals and handicaps with odds of 1.9-1.95.

Where to use the Oscar Grind strategy

Initially, this tactic was used in casinos, but now it is actively used by many bettors. First of all, it is suitable for those players who want to minimize risks. As for the choice of sports disciplines, almost any will do. Based on the odds 1.9-1.95, basketball is perfect, where there are many equally probable outcomes with such quotes.

For a successful game, it is recommended to choose bookmakers with the lowest possible margin, this will increase profits at a distance. It is also desirable that the list for matches, especially in live, be detailed and include many different outcomes.

What is important to know

To increase your chances of success, you need to know the following things:

  • Sometimes it is better to sacrifice the odds a little and choose equally probable outcomes for total or odds for 1.9-1.95;
  • It is very important to carefully prepare for each match and not to bet at random;
  • Always pay attention to the physical and psychological condition of the teams, especially their leaders;
  • When betting live, it is very important to choose the fastest updated service, and it is advisable to personally watch the game.

Is it realistic to win

It is possible to win according to the Oscar Grind strategy, but mostly this applies only to a short period of time. When playing at a distance using this strategy, the chances of losing the entire pot are much higher than getting rich.

Oscar Grind is best suited for inexperienced players who are just starting their way in betting and are afraid to quickly lose all the money. In addition, bookmakers hardly touch the players who use this tactic.

In any case, you need to prepare carefully for each bet, analyzing in detail the upcoming matches. Only in this case you will have chances in the game against the bookmaker’s office.

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