How to print AZ on A4 printer on two sheets

If you need to print an A3 document, buying a new and quite expensive plotter or large-format device is not necessary. It is enough to know how to print on an A4 printer the AZ format or even a larger image.

Most home and office printers are designed for sheets of only the standard format – A4. This is usually enough to print out working documents, images, or, for example, school essays. However, sometimes you need to print a large file, such as a poster or drawing. Fortunately, the ability to use printing techniques to print a single picture or document on multiple sheets provides many programs – from Word to AutoCAD.

Printer Software

To print in a larger format than the printer allows, you can use its usual software. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Open the image saved in the correct format (JPEG, PNG). To do this, you can select any built-in utility – for example, the Windows Photo Viewer.
  2. Go to the print menu and select the printer model, quality, type and size of paper (in this case, A4).
  3. Open the printer properties and check the multitasking tab next to Multi-Page.
  4. Select the poster print, specify its size and go to the settings.
  5. Set poster options — select those sheets that will not be printed, cut lines, alignment labels, or overlap.

After setting all the settings, you can proceed to print. The result will be one large image printed on sheets of standard format. After careful gluing, it turns out to be A3. Although, if the frames are chosen, the real size will be smaller by 5-10 mm on each side.

You can also find yourself overlapping the image – then the dimensions of the print will be standard (297×410 mm). However, there will be white stripes (borders) along the edges, and the sheets will be glued together in only one way – with tape from the back of the paper.

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If your printer settings differ from those described, you can use other methods of printing A3 on the device for A4, which we describe below.

MS Excel

The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet editor is unlikely to be used to print a large image. But with its help, you can easily break documents into several parts. Moreover, such a program is the easiest and almost the only way to print a table on an A3 poster on an A4 printer.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to the page layout tab and select the A4 size.
  2. Make sure that the screen is automatically split into separate pages. If necessary, you can adjust the borders and change the scale, reducing or stretching everything that needs to be printed. The sheet will fit what is limited by dotted lines.
  3. Go to the “File” – “Print” section.
  4. Select single-sided printing and A4 sheets. Print the document.

The ability to split a spreadsheet into parts for printing on sheets of different sizes works on any printer. You can adjust the number of sheets and the dimensions of the resulting document by zooming. It is advisable to make the text large enough to be readable.


A standard program designed to work with graphics allows you to print images in different formats. The algorithm of actions is simple:

  1. Open the image in a graphics editor.
  2. Select the File menu and go to print through Page Setup.
  3. Set the necessary parameters: page scale – 150%, “Fit” – 1 on 2 pages. The orientation should be landscape if we print a sheet in the format of 297x420mm, and vice versa – portrait, if the source should be in the amount of 420x297mm.
  4. Print the image.

Changing the scale will allow you to get a picture without losing due to boundaries. But texts and other documents to print in this way will not work. True, you can first take a screenshot of the image on the screen and then send it to Paint – but the quality of the result will be low.

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MS Word

Another way to print AZ on an A4 printer is associated with using the office program Word. It allows you to work with both text and images. However, before printing, the picture will have to be inserted into the document.

  • Prepare the Word document. Insert an image or text into it.
  • Go to the File – Print menu and select the appropriate printing device.
  • Go to the printer properties, select the A3 print format, and instead of the “1 page per sheet” item, which is the default, set the division of the large format into several small ones – “2 pages per sheet”.

The method will not work on all printers, but only on those you can select or manually set the A3 print format. But this option makes it possible to print not only images but also texts. This may be necessary, for example, when creating a poster with inscriptions.

Adobe Reader PDF

If the document or image is saved with the PDF extension, a small instruction will help to figure out how to print the AZ format on a regular printer:

  • Open the document in Adobe Reader and go to the print menu.
  • Select the poster mode and adjust the mode so that the image fits on several sheets.
  • Set the portrait orientation.

Now press the print button and wait until the electronic document is printed on two sheets. Similarly, large images of any size are printed.


If the user has an AutoCAD drawing program at his disposal, he can easily print sheets of almost any format. This feature is added for printing, first of all, drawings, which rarely have A4 dimensions. And it is suitable for any printer, including those designed only for small sheets. The printing process is as follows:

  • The image on the A3 sheet is divided into parts by viewports (invisible frames).
  • The resulting frames are expanded by 10 mm in each direction and shifted so that when printing the pages can lie overlapping. This will allow you to glue images on two or more sheets without losing detail at the edges.
  • The print section opens. First, the first part of the picture fits into the format of the A4 sheet, then the second part (and all the rest, if a larger image is printed).
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Before sending the picture to the printer, you should ensure that the same scale is selected for all parts of the split picture. This will avoid problems when connecting pages. You can also simplify zoom alignment by making the same frames.

Additional software

Understanding how to print the AZ format on a regular printer, you can use other programs:

  • PlaCard. Specially designed for printing posters. Supports more than 30 graphic formats.
  • Easy Poster Printer. A utility with many settings that simplify printing. Allows you to send part of the picture to the printer.
  • Posteriza. Free program that provides printing and image processing (including adding text).
  • Foxit Reader. Free analogue of Adobe Reader, also allows you to print on several sheets of smaller format.
  • LibreOffice Calc. A program with which you can print spreadsheets on several sheets. An excellent analogue of Excel for users who do not have MS Office installed.

Choose software for printing a sheet of A3 format on two A4 is depending on the type of document. In addition, it is desirable to take into account the cost of the software. If the utility is needed only for a one-time printout, it is hardly worth buying it – it is easier to find free analogs.

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