How to properly clean your printer

It is pointless to expect stable and uninterrupted operation from the equipment if you do not follow the rules of operation and follow the simplest recommendations for maintenance. Prevention of the printer should be performed at least 1 time per year if the equipment is not used often and does not exceed the monthly load. Every user should know how to clean the printer at home. This will save not only from additional costs but also will extend the life of the printer.

Why do I need to clean my printer?

Cleaning is different. It can be performed superficially with only one napkin or deeply, with the condition of partial disassembly of the equipment. It can be carried out through the printer’s settings or a program on the computer, or you can arm yourself with tools and do everything manually. The cleaning method depends on the needs of the user himself, the state of the printed office equipment, and its individual nodes.

Advantages of cleaning the printer:

  • reduces the likelihood of printing defects;
  • the service life of the MFP is increased;
  • reduces the wear of the drum, print head – depending on the printing technology;
  • dust does not interfere with the stable operation of office equipment;
  • the diaper does not overflow and the printer is not filled with ink;
  • the test page for the printer remains rich and clear until the cartridge life ends.

Already these points are enough to learn more about how to clean a printer Canon, Epson, Brother at home.

When it’s time to clean

It depends on the frequency and intensity of use. With the active operation, cleaning is carried out every three months or at least six months. If the printer is not used for printing often, it is recommended to carry out preventive cleaning every 12-18 months. Here is a small list of signs indicating an acute need for cleaning:

  1. 1 the printer makes noise and cracks,extraneous sounds appear;
  2. 2 stains and extraneous traces appear on the prints, the printer stains the paper;
  3. 3 the printer does not grab the paper or chew it;
  4. 4 manifestation of malfunctions that affect the quality of printing and the stability of printing equipment;
  5. 5 toner is poured from the cartridge – in this case, you need not only to clean the printer, but also to buy a cartridge.
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Note! Do you have one or more symptoms? Immediately carry out preventive cleaning of the printer. If this does not help, entrust the “treatment” of the technique to the master so that the “recovery” of the equipment is not delayed and does not grow into chronic malfunctions.

How to Clean an Inkjet Printer

In the jets, there is a possibility of hardware cleaning, which simplifies the maintenance process. If the SNHR has been installed, then software cleaning also helps in case of printing problems.

Cleaning your inkjet printer

How to clean your printer through your computer

When this technique brings results:

  • the paint inside the print head has dried;
  • clogged channels;
  • prevention with prolonged downtime;
  • there was a depressurization of the SNHR.

In the latter case, it is necessary to initially eliminate the cause of depressurization and proceed to program cleaning. So, how to clean the printer through the program on the laptop:

1. Go to [Devices and Printers] and find the equipment.

2. Go to the properties and select [Service] and sub-item [Cleaning the print head] in the settings.

To clean the cartridges of the inkjet printer, you can use additional programs. For example, for Epson devices, there is an application, Resetters. Don’t forget to install the drivers on the printer first.

To clean the GHG nozzles, sometimes this procedure is performed several times. If this did not help and the cartridge dried thoroughly, it is recommended to recover fully. To do this, arm yourself with patience, isopropyl alcohol, water, detergents, or the phone number of a master who will do all the work for you. When you know how to clean the inkjet printer cartridge, you can go to the absorbent.

How to Clean an Inkjet Printer Diaper

Do you have an SNPCH installed, and the drain of spent ink is brought out? Then you can skip this point. A diaper is called an absorbent gasket located at the bottom of an inkjet printer. When the user performs a programmatic cleaning of the GHG, part of the paint is consumed. It does not leak through the case cracks just because of the diaper, which absorbs ink.

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Cleaning of the absorber is performed as follows:

  1. Unscrew the printer case.
  2. Remove the diaper – in different models it is located differently, but always at the bottom of the device.
  3. Soak the pad in water, then rinse and dry.
  4. Install in place.

Attention! After washing, the diaper will settle in size and lose some of the absorbent properties. We recommend considering this method of cleaning as temporary. Ideally, the diaper should be replaced.

Before you clean the diaper in the Canon printer, unscrew the two screws on the back cover. In other brands, the disassembly scheme may differ. Now you know how to clean Canon mp280, mp250, and other models.

How to properly clean a laser printer

Printing equipment with laser printing technology is less demanding in maintenance, so it will not be possible to clean the printer through a computer. However, cleaning the printing path and cartridges is necessary. Everything is done manually.

Cleaning the housing and printing path

Dust is the enemy of laser printing. Very often, toner and paper dust interfere with the stable operation of sensors. As a result, the printer does not see the paper or does not work correctly. Its excess can cause a fire inside the printing equipment. Therefore, when the cartridges are refilling, the masters carefully check the consumable for tightness and remove all toner residues from its body. But it would help if you cleaned not only the cartridge but also the device itself.

How to clean the laser printer HP, Canon, Samsung from dust:

  1. De-energize the printer.
  2. Wipe all available parts of the case with a damp cloth.
  3. Open the top cover and remove the cartridge (ideally the case is completely disassembled).
  4. Using a toner vacuum cleaner, napkins and ear sticks, remove dust from all components of the system.
  5. Pay attention to the capture rollers and wipe them with alcohol. Because of the pollution, they can capture pages poorly. Cleaning the printer rollers will not help if the rubber shaft has lost its properties. In this case, you will need to completely replace the paper capture rollers.
  6. Assemble the machine.
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Attention! Do not use a home vacuum cleaner. The filter will forever be clogged with toner dust and will quickly become unusable. To do this, you need a special service vacuum cleaner or an old unnecessary unit. In the second case, cleaning the printer should be carried out in a well-ventilated room.

How to clean a laser printer cartridge

So, how to clean the printer from toner figured out. Now you need to understand how to clean the cartridge of a laser printer at home. If the user has not had to disassemble the consumable before, it will be tough. In this case, you need to find instructions for refilling the cartridge of a certain make and model. This is because all brands of cartridges differ significantly in their design.
It is necessary to clean consumables at each refueling. Or at least every 2-3 cycles. Pay attention to the following details:

1. Photo drum. The quality of the prints depends on the purity of the drum. How to clean the laser printer drum: Remove the header, remove it from the cartridge and wipe it with a dry cloth. “Folk” is afraid of direct sunlight and mechanical damage. Also, do not forget that the drum has limited resources, so it is important to restore the cartridge promptly.

Drum unit

2. Magnetic roller and primary charging shaft. Wipe both shafts with a cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol or a special substance for cleaning cartridges.

Primary charging shaft

3. Dosing and cleaning blade. On the edge of the metal plate very often remain hardened toner particles. Remove them without bending the blade itself.

Dosing blade

Owners of printers Kyocera, OKI, Brother, and some other brands that use tubes with toner may not encounter the above details. In their case, cleaning the drum of the laser printer is still needed. It is located in a separate node called a drum cartridge.

Attention! There is a hopper with spent toner in the drum cartridge, which is also subject to cleaning. Like a diaper in an inkjet printer, this container collects toner that has not been baked on paper.

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