How to properly use win streak in sports betting?

How to properly use win streak in sports betting?

In sports betting, as in life, black and white stripes replace each other. Unfortunately, win streaks are fleeting, but a lose streak can take a long time and mentally “kill” the bettor. But upstrokes, if used correctly, will make it possible to put together a solid bank. Mightytips explains how to properly use winning streaks in betting.

How to use win-streak in sports betting at bookmaker's office

What is a win streak in betting

Win streak (upstreak) in betting is a series of successful (winning) bets. The term upstreak is more common in poker, while the notion of win-streak is more commonly used in sports betting.

White stripes happen not only among professionals, but also among beginners. The difference is that an inexperienced bettor can misuse his successful streak and, even worse, react incorrectly to its ending.

Win streaks can be different in length, but two winning bets in a row are already called this term. It also does not matter what bets you play (multi bets, single bets, on the line or in live), what odds you bet on. The first lost bet means the end of the win streak.

Features of white and black bars in bets

According to the experience of bookmakers, when you start a win-streak, almost every bet comes in. This is the complete opposite of a lose streak – no matter how you analyze events, you can’t guess anything.

A very important factor – with a win-streak, the bettor’s self-confidence grows many times over. You have almost no doubts about the selected event and do not think 10 times before clicking “Place a bet”. Often, when the line is black, the player misses the right moment to bet, and then makes the wrong bet on emotions. Let’s say, after analyzing the Nadal – Djokovic match, you decided to bet on Rafa to win in the first set, but you were afraid because there was some loose streak behind you. The Spaniard won the set quite confidently, and the bettor, annoyed by the fact that he did not take the “easy” money, bets on his victory in the second game, although statistics did not testify in any way in favor of this bet. As a result, Djokovic takes set # 2, the game goes into the third game, and the bettor loses money.

When it’s a win streak, trust your own taste. Bettors who have started a white streak can break through high odds, while with a series of failures it becomes a problem to predict the event even in 1.5 times.

If during the upstroke you have filled a solid bank, you need to have time to say “stop” in time. Also, do not play all-in or significantly increase the initial bet amounts. Do not anger fate – and it will reciprocate you. It is just one step from the white stripe to the black one, do not forget about it.

How to properly use win streak in sports betting

To prevent the white line from going to waste, it is important for the bettor to dispose of it correctly. There are some classic tips for players that will help you collect decent money during the win-streak and not waste it after the “win” ends.

  1. Trust your own insight and analysis. Has a white streak started? Most likely, not only the higher powers paid attention to you – obviously. You are doing the right analysis of the matches. If you place bets without preliminary preparation, and they still “enter”, do not stop.
  2. Don’t be afraid to bet on unusual outcomes. During the white line, the bettor can have the most incredible bets. Of course, you should not bury yourself and bet on the team’s victory for a 50.0 odds if it loses 0: 2 by the 85th minute, but it is quite possible to catch quotes around 10.0 with a win streak.
  3. Don’t listen to the experts on the Internet and don’t check out today’s sure-fire newsletters. At such moments, you yourself can predict the surest things, but it is better not to get distracted and keep your opinion to yourself. Reinforced concrete loves silence – this rule is especially true if the player is superstitious.
  4. Avoid aggressive financial tactics as it can harm the entire bank. Better to use flat or similar tactics of the game. It is better to slowly move in the chosen direction, not succumbing to excitement, even if he covers with his head, than because of the race for pie in the sky for 3 unsuccessful bets to drain the entire accumulated bank.
  5. Do not give up on the chosen strategy of the game. If over a long period of time all the bets “fit”, any bettor will think of himself as a high-level professional. The euphoria is overwhelming, so the player can move away from his strategy and start betting on everything. As punishment, a cold shower will certainly follow in the form of the end of the white stripe.
  6. The ability to stop is above all. Any series tends to end. Win streak in bets often ends quickly and unexpectedly – at the most seemingly reliable bet. You should not panic after the first loss, but you should not double the amount of the bet or play all-in to win back. If you feel that the pruha is coming to an end – reduce the amount of bets to stay in the black.
  7. Pause after a win streak. If you don’t clear your head, you are guaranteed a loose streak after the white stripe. Even if you have a solid win streak, you need to take a break for a couple of days, during which you completely move away from betting. It is possible to use the won money profitably or for pleasure.

White stripes are not a very frequent, but pleasant for all bettors phenomenon in sports betting. With proper use of the win streak, you can build a solid bank at a distance. Perhaps the main disadvantage of a win streak is that you never know when it will end. You need to be mentally prepared for this and not indulge in all serious things. Remember that no professional bettor is complete without defeat.

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