How to remove Toner Stains from clothes?

Every user who has ever filled up the printer on their own knows how “dirty” this work is. Toner, which has a powder, very easily scatters around the room and settles on all surfaces. It is tough to remove stains from ink from fabric surfaces, that is, from clothes.

To refill the cartridge did not become a disaster for your things, wear old clothes while working or order a master here. But, if the trouble still occurred and on your favorite sweater or pants there was a stain from toner, then you need to know how to get rid of it.

Easy Ways to Remove Toner Stains from Clothes

  • It is better if you treat the contamination immediately before it dries up. Otherwise, the ink spots will then be very difficult to remove. Take a paper towel or napkin and press tightly to your clothes. It will absorb some of the ink, and the stain will be easier to remove. In no case do not wet the place of contamination! This will only make things worse.
  • You can use alcohol or any alcohol-containing solution. But again, this method will work only on fresh spots. There are two ways to use this method: the first is to wet the spoiled thing in this solution, leave it for a few minutes and start washing. The second is more bothered: 

1. It is necessary to soak a piece of cotton wool in alcohol and press it to the spot.

2. It is advisable to repeat this procedure several times until the spot becomes pale and barely noticeable.

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3. Now you need to get a piece of cotton wool in ordinary cold water and wet clothes with it. This will remove the remnants of alcohol from clothes. Remember that removing such spots is a complex process, so be patient because you may need to carry out the procedure more than once.

4. Let the thing dry, and then wash it as usual.

  • In order to get rid of toner stains from clothes, you can use ammonia. But, in this case, the fabric should not be synthetic. You can not use it in its pure form. Dilute the aqueous solution of ammonia with alcohol. Stick to a 1:2 ratio. Wet the stain with this mixture. Later, treat with vinegar and wash in the usual way.
  • If there is hairspray at home, they can also be used to remove toner from clothes. Just sprinkle on the damaged area and wipe with a paper towel. Repeat until the stain is gone. Then, the varnish from the fabric can be washed off with ordinary water and powder.
  • There is another “tasty” way – use milk. Immerse the item in cold milk for a while and then wash with powder or any other cloth product. For these purposes, you can also use warm and even sour milk. As you can see, the removal of a stain of toner from clothes is a rather time-consuming process, but quite real.

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