How to replace the paper feed roller on a Pantum printer

Each laser printer has its own “sores” – so experienced masters call the weak points of copying and printing equipment, which the user most often encounters. In the devices of the Pantum trademark are paper capture rollers. Over time, the paper in the printer is jammed, or the device cannot grab the sheet and stretch it to the printing path. Let’s analyze the problem with jamming on the example of the model range P2200, P2207, 2500, 2507. If Pantum M6500 writes “paper jam,” then this material will also be useful for you.

What happens when the paper capture roller fails.

Incorrect operation of the rubber roller can lead to the following consequences:

  • paper jamming in the Pantum printer;
  • the laser printer does not take the paper.

These are the two most common problems: the “symptoms of the disease” of the paper feed roller. First of all, it is necessary to diagnose, and if a sheet is stuck in the printing path, it must be removed.

How to Fix Paper Jam in Your Pantum Printer?

1. Gently pull the stuck page onto yourself, as shown in the pictures below. If there are no sheets in this area, then move on to the second point.

pantum p2207 chews paperpantum p2200 does not take paper

2. Open the top cover of the printer. Lift the thermal block guide. Pull the sheet on yourself. On inspection, nothing was found? Then move on to point #3.

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pantum m6500 не берет бумагуpantum m6500 не захватывает бумагу

3. Remove the cartridge, remove the jammed paper, return the consumable to its place. Paper jamming in the Pantum M6500 printer is eliminated according to the same scheme.

67pantum p2207 не берет бумагу

Note! In the practice of tonFix service masters, there were cases when the Pantum printer crumpled paper after self-filling. This is due to the incorrect assembly of the consumables. To avoid such situations, we recommend that you refrain from laser printers in service centers.

Diagnostics of the capture roller on Pantum printers – does not take paper

This part is clearly visible after removing the cartridge, which you need to do. If the shaft is stained with toner, then it should be cleaned. At home, you can use vodka or window cleaner. It is also necessary to find out the reason why toner falls from the cartridge and eliminate it. To do this, use our other material.


In some cases, cleaning the roller helps to eliminate the problem with the paper capture. Inspect the lining itself. Is she “bald,” without pores? – Only replacement will help. In Pantum printers, replacing the paper capture roller is needed approximately after 40 thousand printed pages.

How to replace the paper feed roller in Pantum printers – Instructions

1. Remove the latches and remove the top cover of the printer. Unscrew the screw on the left. The side panel is mounted on the latches at the back and bottom. Move the latches away and remove the sidebar.

pantum p2207 как заменить ролик захвата бумаги. Какой ролик подходит?12

Attention! If Pantum writes a paper jam, we recommend unscrewing the second side and back cover. Pay attention to the paper registration sensor. It’s an optopara. It can become clogged with toner and paper dust, registering to jam. At the same time, there may not be paper in the printing path. Check the sensor before replacing the roller.

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14оптопара датчика регистрации бумаги

2. Unscrew the four gearbox screws. Remove the metal panel. Don’t be alarmed if the gears fly off their axles. Here’s how they are positioned in their places.


3. Unscrew the solenoid so that its foot does not interfere with removing the gearbox. Completely this part should not be removed. On the gearbox itself, there are two small retainers. Push them aside and slowly pull the white clutch on yourself. On the inside, there is another retainer. Slide a few sentiments to the right.


4. Remove the entire axle. Remove the cam on the other side of the axis. Remove the elastic band and replace it. On sale, sometimes it isn’t easy to find a Pantum roller. You can replace it with a rubber pad for HP 1010 of the CET brand or a roller for Samsung ML-1210 (JC73-00018A). Assemble the printer in reverse order.


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