How to reset your Canon Printer?

Their loyalty to consumers distinguishes canon printer manufacturers with inkjet printing technology. Unlike such popular brands as HP, Lexmark, and Epson, they provide for the possibility of zeroing the ink counter. This solution allows the owner of the printing device to use the services of the service for refilling cartridges and using consumables from other companies. This article will tell you how to reset the Canon printer, so that system errors do not block its work.

Canon printer error reset: Printer absorber & Ink levels.

There is a big difference between resetting the absorber (diaper) and zeroing the ink level controller. Therefore, to understand how to reset the Canon cartridge correctly, let’s understand these concepts in more detail.

Printer Absorber

The absorber is an inkjet printer, also called a diaper, is a multilayer sponge material designed to absorb waste ink. It is located at the bottom of the printing compartment. Also inside the printing equipment is an electronic counter, which is to count the printed pages. After the report is completed, it blocks the printing equipment to prevent the diaper from overflowing with paint. To reset the counter data, you must use the Service Tool. The detailed sequence of actions is described below.

Note! This method is suitable for models IP3600/4600/4700/2700/4840/4850/4840/4850 MP280/240-490/540-560/620-640/980/990, MX320/330/860, MG5140/5150

How do I reset my canon printer or how do I reset the absorber?

  1. When the printer is turned off, press the Stop button (it looks like an inverted triangle in a circle; as a rule, the picture is made in orange).
  2. Without releasing the “Stop” key, press the “Start/Start” button.
  3. Without releasing the “Start” button, press the “Stop” key and press it 2 times. For Canon IP2700/4840/4850 and MP280 models, the button must be pressed 5 times. In this case, the LED indicator will change color from green to yellow and back.
  4. Press the “Start” button.
  5. Then run the Service Tool. The following window should appear:1
  6. In the tab that opens, find the item “Clear Ink Counter” and select “Main”
  7. You can now close the application.
  8. Turn off the device.
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Note! For the ink not to pour out of the hopper for waste paint and not damage the working nodes, it is necessary to clean the diaper at least 1 time in 24 months.

Ink level in Canon cartridges

Now let’s deal with the concept of resetting the ink level. In some models, the chip is placed inside the printing equipment. In others – directly onboard the cartridge. Printers stop functioning when the meter reaches “0”, but this indicator does not change even after the ink tank is filled. This is because the electronic board is programmed to count the pages, and it does not track the actual value of the ink in the hopper. The printer owner has 3 ways to solve this problem:

  • buy original cartridge ;
  • buy a rechargeable cartridge from a third-party manufacturer;
  • refill the cartridgeby turning off the system paint level controller.

Note! You can refill the cartridge yourself, but if you do not have enough experience and knowledge, it is better to use the services of a specialized service. Please note that zeroing the ink counter violates the warranty rules, so think twice before making a decision. If you decide to disconnect the ink level controller, follow the instructions below.

How to reset your Canon cartridge after refilling

  1. Disconnect the printer from the network.
  2. Hold down and hold the “Start/Power” and “Stop/Reset” buttons for more than 5 seconds.
  3. Connect the printer to the network, and only then release the printer power button.
  4. When the test page starts printing, press the Stop button.
  5. Next, press the “continue” key and wait for the inscription “ink counter” to appear.
  6. Press “0” in the printer’s control panel.
  7. Confirm your choice by clicking “OK” and turn off the device.
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The printer is now ready to use. If you have filled all color cartridges, then this procedure should be performed for each of them. This method is suitable for both cartridges and inkwells, which makes it universal. If you are unable to reset the diaper or paint meter for any reason, we recommend that you contact the service center for help.

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