HP Inc. sold a record number of printers during the pandemic

Remote work allowed HP Inc. to sell a record number of printers. In the spring of 2020, when a strict quarantine was introduced worldwide, experts in various fields predicted the decline of the printing business. Remote study and self-isolation work was supposed to break all records for the sale of PCs and laptops, but companies could not send their products due to the closure of borders and the broken chain of air traffic. For the first quarter of 2020, HP recorded a 13.8% drop in sales. The situation was worse only for Apple, whose sales fell by 21%. There were no special bets on printers, but they allowed to stabilize the situation with profits.

A new record for the last 5 years

HP Inc. managed to sell 12 million printers. The last time such volumes were recorded was until 2015 when the company carried out a structural separation. As Bloomberg explains, referring to the official manufacturer, a record number of sales were made by private buyers, not corporate, as originally assumed. In the third quarter, HP Inc. saw revenue increases in the following percentages:

  1. Private consumers increased revenue by 24%;
  2. Corporate customers reduced revenue by 12%.

In annual comparison, the profit of HP Inc. decreased by 1% to $ 15.3 billion. Such dynamics have been observed for about a year, so even a new record in the form of 12 million printers sold did not help much.

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