Is it possible to make money on sports betting?

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Betting is becoming more and more popular every year, respectively, more and more people are asking the question: is it possible to make money on sports betting?

The answer will be simple: it is really real, but very difficult. Sports betting can be compared to a high-risk investment that promises great benefits, but can easily turn into a failure.

You must be ready to constantly work on yourself, improve and gain experience. But the main risk is that even a thorough analysis of the match and excellent preparation for it can not guarantee you a victory. Sport is an unpredictable thing, anything can happen in it.

And yet, experienced professional players have a stable profit at a distance. But how do they achieve this? To make it clearer, it is necessary to consider a few simple things before talking directly about how to make money on sports betting.

The principle of the bookmaker’s work

In 2020, there are hundreds of bookmakers that offer their services to players. It is not difficult to guess that such a number of bookmakers suggests that this business is very profitable. But how do bookmakers make a profit, do they make money on bets?

The main source of income for them is the margin, which they lay in the coefficients. Margin is the bookmaker’s percentage for giving the player the opportunity to place a bet.

Let’s imagine that in a match there are two teams of equal strength, the chances of winning which will be 50/50. The bookmaker’s odds for each of these teams to win should be 2. But you won’t see that in any BOOKMAKER. At best, these will be odds of 1.95 to 1.95, and most likely even lower: from 1.85 to 1.90 depending on the greed of the BOOKMAKER. This difference is called the margin, and it goes into the pocket of the bookmaker regardless of the result of the match.

Another source of income is the adjustment of coefficients depending on what the bulk of the players are betting on. The more bets are placed on the victory of one of the teams, the lower the odds for this event become.

Speaking of odds: in most major bookmakers, players are offered at least 3 types of the most popular odds in the world: decimal, British and American.

The decimal coefficient is the most popular in the world, including the countries of the post-Soviet space. It is denoted as a decimal (1.6; 2.4; 5.8, and so on). The bet amount is multiplied by this value and the total final win is obtained. To calculate the net income, you need to deduct the amount of the bet from the entire amount received.

The British coefficient is used predominantly in the UK. It is denoted as a regular fraction (4/2; 5/3; 9/7, and so on) and shows the share of winnings that can be obtained minus the bet amount.

The American coefficient is common in the United States and is positive and negative. A negative odds (e.g. -120) indicate how much a player must wager to make a net profit of $100. A positive coefficient (for example, +120) on the contrary shows how much you will get when you bet at $ 100.

In addition to the three above-mentioned odds, there are others (for example, Hong Kong or Malaysian), but they are so rarely used that it makes no sense to talk about them.

How to choose the right bookmaker

Having talked about what a bookmaker is, let’s now discuss what you need to rely on when choosing it. The following simple tips will help you choose the most suitable bookmaker for you:

  • Reliability. This is perhaps the most important criterion that you need to pay attention to in the first place. All the other advantages of a bookmaker’s office will not matter if it is unreliable. To check this, be sure to read the independent reviews of the bookmaker, reviews about its work, the opinions of players in social networks and forums.
  • Factors. We have already written what margin is, and it directly depends on how high the coefficient in different bookmakers for the same event will be. When playing at a distance, even minor differences will be important, so try to choose a bookmaker with the highest odds.
  • Rules. Many beginners ignore this point when choosing a bookmaker and do not read its rules. And this must be done, because some of the nuances of the game differ in different bookmakers and it is better to know about it in advance.
  • Methods of depositing and withdrawing funds. Do not forget to make sure that the bookmaker you have chosen has enough convenient ways for you to deposit and withdraw funds. Also pay attention to how quickly you can withdraw winnings, do not forget about the commission.
  • Bonuses and promotions. This is perhaps the least important point of all the above, but you should not ignore it. And although most bonuses serve only to attract new customers and retain existing ones, sometimes there are really interesting offers that it will be foolish to ignore.
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What you need to start playing

So, let’s imagine that you have decided on a bookmaker and are ready to register, deposit the first money into the account and start playing. But before that, check whether you have everything you need for the game:

  • Stable high-speed Internet;
  • Non-braking devices (computer, phone);
  • Bankroll, ad-a-bank, that is, free money on which you will play;
  • Understanding the basics of betting and, at least, minimal knowledge of the sport you plan to bet on.

And now let’s talk about each of these points separately.

Stable internet is very important for live betting, when it comes to, sometimes, for a matter of seconds. If your connection is regularly cut off, be prepared for the fact that at the right time you will not be able to make the right bet.

It’s the same with the devices you’re going to play with. They should not slow down, hang or glitch so that the site or application always works quickly and updates the coefficients.

As for the bankroll, you need to have one simple rule: do not bet vital money that you are deathly afraid of losing. You need to play for “extra” money, the loss of which can be painlessly endured.

As for the last point, everything is even simpler: if you do not understand anything about sports betting, you will not succeed in this matter. Read at least about the main types of bets and the most popular outcomes. The same with sports: betting on a sport in which you do not understand anything is categorically not recommended.

Best Sports Betting Strategies

So, you are now well prepared to start playing, which means you can start betting. But how to make them in order to consistently win, and not to put all the money in the pockets of bookmakers? Every experienced bettor will tell you that in order to get a stable long-term profit, you need to play not chaotically and randomly, but according to a certain strategy. Which one, you decide, and we will tell you about the most popular of them.


This is one of the simplest strategies, the principle of which is easily understood even by a beginner. It came to betting from the casino, and its essence is as follows: in case of loss, the player doubles his next bet in order not only to win back the lost money, but also to get the winnings. Bettor adheres to this strategy until he eventually wins or runs out of money in the account. You can choose a variety of outcomes, but it is desirable that the coefficient in them be close to 2 with equal chances of success. Adhering to this strategy, sooner or later you will still win and make a profit, but the main drawback of catching up is that with a protracted series of failures, money can run out earlier, and then there will be nothing to win back.

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Value Betting or Value Bets

This strategy involves the search for outcomes that the bookmaker underestimated. To this end, the player conducts his own analysis of the event and determines for himself the coefficient for it. If the bookmaker’s coefficient is significantly higher, the bettor makes a bet on such an outcome. At the distance, this is a really profitable strategy, but valuy bets require a particularly thorough analysis of the match. And, of course, you need to thoroughly understand the sport on which you bet, since you want to determine the odds more accurately than analysts in bookmakers.

Bookmaker forks

This strategy involves winning regardless of how the match ends. Its essence is simple: a person is looking for an event in several offices, which different bookmakers evaluate in their own way. As a result, he makes a mutually exclusive bet in each of them and in any case remains in the black. The main disadvantage of the bookmaker’s fork is that most bookmakers (especially licensed domestic ones) treat “forks” very badly and cause them all sorts of trouble: they cut maxes, calculate winning bets at odds of 1, block accounts.


This strategy is very similar to the “forks” described above, but the only difference is that it is played purely on totals and handicaps. Bettor is looking for events, the result of which will fit into the “corridor” allotted to him. In case of success, he wins, in case of failure, he simply returns the money. The disadvantages of this strategy are exactly the same: suitable events can be found infrequently, and most bookmakers ban the “corridor workers” along with the “forks”.


If the previous strategies could be attributed to the game, now there will be financial ones, and flat can be called the simplest of them. Its essence is that for a certain time period, the player makes bets strictly on a certain amount, regardless of their number and the increase or decrease in the bankroll.

Fixed profit

This strategy is reminiscent of the flat described above, but is more progressive and a little more difficult to understand. Here, the value of each bet made is determined by the formula: B = W / (K – 1),where “B” is the bet, “W” is the return, and “K” is the coefficient. The safe fixed income for this strategy is between 1/20 and 1/30 of a bank, and ratios are recommended from 1.4 to 5.

Kelly’s criterion

Another strategy that helps the player determine the appropriate amount of bet on the event. To do this, the following formula is used: C = (K x V – 1) / (K – 1),where K is the coefficient, V is the probability of the event, C is the value of the bet.

Bet on the post-nos

This strategy in the last goals is not very popular due to the improvement of the technical equipment of bookmakers. Its essence lies in the fact that the player receives information from the stadium before the bookmaker and manages to bet on an already accomplished event before the bookmaker managed to update the odds. In 2020, such a situation is almost impossible, and even if you catch the post-goal, the bookmaker can eventually cancel the bet, and even block your account if you have made such bets at least several times.

Bookmaker’s mistake

In the line of bookmakers, especially in live, sometimes there are mistakes. This happens extremely rarely, but you can catch such a bet. By betting on it, you, of course, can win, but most often the bookmaker will simply calculate this bet with a coefficient of 1, referring to the error (the rules provide for this). As a result, you will not only get nothing from this, but also get on the pencil in the bookmaker in which you play. A few more similar bets, and you will most likely be blocked.


This is an English-language term that has firmly taken root in the Russian language. A bonushunter is a hunter for bonuses, that is, a player who registers in different bookmakers, bets on opposite events, wins somewhere and makes a profit from it. But bookmakers are getting better and better at calculating bonuses and blocking their accounts, so this is not the best strategy for earning.

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Advertising & Partnership

This is probably the most profitable and win-win option for working with a bookmaker. You advertise his services for money, or bring customers to him and get a percentage of their bets. Needless to say, this way of earning is available only for owners of large sites, popular YouTube channels or promoted public in social networks.

How not to become a victim of scammers

All of the above strategies are basically applicable to those who wish to play themselves. But some people think that you can not delve into the bets and have a profit from them, just trusting the professionals. We do not argue, this is really possible, but there are very few real pros, but there are much more deceivers. Now we will talk about the most common methods of fraud.

Selling forecasts

The Internet is full of sites that sell forecasts, but is it possible to make money on bets by following them? Advice is provided by supposedly experienced cappers and tipsters who bathe in money and offer help to all comers. But you need to understand that there are very few really good forecasters, their services are expensive, and they do not work with a bunch of customers. If you see a capper profile with photos of money, cool yachts and cars, as well as a 100% profit guarantee, you can be sure that this is a scam.

Sale of negotiyaks

This is another popular type of fraud designed for gullible beginners. Many sites or groups in social networks sell information about alleged match-fixing, betting on which, you can easily “cut” money. And if in the case of cappers we made an adjustment for the fact that real professionals still exist, then here we immediately want to say: the sale of information about match-fixing on the Internet is absolutely definitely a scam. Agreements happen extremely rarely and a very small circle of close people knows about them. If many people find out about such a match, bookmakers will simply stop accepting bets on it and cancel those already bet. So don’t even waste time on such nonsense.

Account promotion

Also a common method of fraud, which involves the following scenario: you create your own account in a bookmaker’s office, replenish the account, and then give access from it to an allegedly experienced capper who will play on your behalf. Usually it promises you a good profit, with which it will take from 30 to 50%. Well, isn’t that a great option for how to make money on bets? – Nope! First, the so-called experienced capper may turn out to be a beginner who just wants to gain experience playing for other people’s money. He can lose everything and lose nothing, but you will lose your money. Secondly, he can banally withdraw your deposit to his wallet and simply throw you into the black list.

10 useful tips for beginners

Finally, I want to summarize everything written above as 10 tips that are recommended for all beginners:

  1. Learn how to manage a bank.
  2. Make a bet with a positive mathematical expectation.
  3. Do not participate in dubious offers such as the purchase of contracts or the promotion of an account.
  4. When choosing a bookmaker, first of all, pay attention to its reliability.
  5. Analyze your game, learn from mistakes, improve.
  6. Create accounts in several bookmakers to catch boulder or simply more profitable odds.
  7. Choose the bookmaker with the lowest margin.
  8. Always carefully prepare for each bet, analyze all aspects of the game.
  9. Take care of creating comfortable conditions for the game: the availability of suitable equipment, high-speed Internet.
  10. Do not play chaotically, stick to any strategy.

In conclusion, I would like to say that we have told only about the main aspects of earnings from sports betting. If you seriously want to devote yourself to betting, treat it as a job, devote an appropriate amount of time to it and do not forget about the luck factor, without which nothing will work in sports.

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