Is it possible to put in a bookmaker without a passport

Is it possible to put in a bookmaker without a passport

Sports betting without a passport is not an uncommon phenomenon, but it is possible only in illegal bookmakers.

Is it possible to place bets without a passport

The answer to this question is yes. It is really possible to bet online without a passport, but it will have to be done illegally. In licensed bookmakers, all players should not only indicate their passport data when registering, they also require identification, which requires a personal presence with a passport.

do i need a passport for sports betting?

This is done not at all in order to complicate the life of the player, it is necessary to make sure that he is 18 years old, and he can make a bet. For their part, bettors should not be afraid to provide their passport data for the BC and the TsUPIS intermediary, because they will not be exposed anywhere or used in any way.

As for a possible game without a passport, this can be done only in offshore bookmakers, and even then with a stretch. You can register at some bookmakers simply by phone number, replenish your account and play. But when you try to withdraw a more or less large amount, you will still be asked to provide a scan or photo of your passport to confirm your identity. So once again you need to think: is this strategy worth it?

Why some players want to play without a passport

The answer to this question is very simple: if you do not provide any personal data, you can not pay taxes. As you know, playing at licensed bookmakers requires a 13% tax on winnings. This is domestic betting, and this is justified, because in return the state undertakes to protect the interests of the players. If you play illegally in offshore bookmakers, you don’t have to pay anything. But there are also many risks that neutralize the potential not to give an extra penny in favor of the state.

Consequences of playing without a passport

Potential difficulties that you can face when playing without a passport in illegal bookmaker offices are as follows:

  1. Risk of non-payment of winnings. If you play in a bookmaker’s office “on a bird’s rights”, the bookmaker can cheat without any problems for himself and not pay you the winnings on the last bet. He can explain this by some far-fetched reason, or he can do it at all without any explanation. In any case, you will have nowhere to turn for justice, and no one will help you.
  2. Account blocking risk. These are even more fatal measures that an illegal bookmaker can take if it comes across a consistently winning player. It costs her nothing, for a reason sucked from the finger, to block the game account of a winning player so that he does not play here anymore. Sometimes the blocking freezes all funds on the account without the possibility of their withdrawal. The ban can be for any period: for a month, a year, or permanent. This is how you can lose everything at once and, again, there will be no one to seek justice.
  3. The risk of getting caught by scammers. If you play in an unlicensed bookmaker, always be prepared for the fact that at one hour the bookmaker site you are playing on will be unavailable because the illegal bookmaker simply ran away with all the money of its players. When playing in licensed bookmakers, such a situation is impossible, because you will be protected by the state and special reserve funds, which are mandatory for every legal bookmaker in Russia.

These were the 3 main reasons not to play at bookmakers without a passport. In addition to them, I would also like to mention the inconveniences that such players constantly face. First of all, this is the constant blocking of the sites of illegal bookmakers, because of which you have to constantly look for fresh operating mirrors or go through a VPN.

Another reason is the problem with the withdrawal of funds. Recently, the Federal Tax Service has been closely watching the withdrawal of funds from the accounts of illegal bookmakers, which can easily result in their blocking.

If you are in doubt about how and where you should play, just think that a good professional player will never play without a passport and identification. He understands what all this is fraught with. Do not repeat the mistakes of many – protect yourself and your potential winnings. And good luck with your bets!

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