Isabella Shinnikova – Zhu Lin: forecast and rate. Who should you give preference to?

Isabella Shinnikova

Isabella at the end of the season has found a good playing shape. The representative of Bulgaria, already at a long stage of her professional career, was considered a promising tennis player, but she did not manage to reveal her potential to the end. Now Shinnikova takes 226th position in the WTA tour.

In Seoul, she defeated Boyong Jeong and Yeung Won Zheng.

Zhu Lin

Zhu played her first match after a half-year break in her professional career, in which she beat Peangtarn Plipuek (6: 1, 6: 1). She looked very good on her serve, never losing her in a match, having played three break points.

Lin, of course, lacks game practice, but she is potentially able to add.

Personal meeting history

The tennis players have never met among themselves.

Outcome betting

Isabella Shinnikova’s victory is available for 1.99, and Zhu Lin’s triumph can be taken for 1.85

Forecast and rates

Isabella certainly added, but she lacks self-confidence, which is why she is prone to make unforced mistakes. Lin, of course, will not be easy, as she is just gaining her game form, but for me she is my favorite here. In the first match of the tournament, she never lost her serve, winning 86% of the draws on the second serve. Play her victory.

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