Jokerit – Dynamo Minsk: forecast and bet of Maxim Lebedev

Jokerit finished the previous section of the regular season disgustingly, losing two matches in a row (including, by the way, in Minsk). And then he exacerbated this after the European pause, rather meekly yielding at home to the Moscow army team.

In turn, the Minskers went on vacation with a victory (by the way, over “Jokerit”), and returned from them, having torn the local “teammates” in Riga. It would seem that the favorite is clear, and Jokerit, in order to avoid an accident, it is better to play the upcoming match without spectators and without television, so as not to cover themselves with indelible shame. But “Not everything is so simple in this world, Masha,” said the hero of Gennady Khazanov.

The Jokers played against CSKA without their own collections. CSKA played also without collections, but their collections are, in principle, three times less than those of Jokerit, which is the base club of the national team, at least for Euro Hockey Tour. That is, the Finns should add and add quite seriously to the match with the “bison”. And the Minskers have nowhere to add, and they are potentially much weaker than the “jokers”.

Therefore, I will still assume a home victory for the hot Finnish guys who will roll the “bison”, score a couple more goals with a sufficiently high total and eventually win in regulation time.

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