“Juventus” – “Cagliari”: prediction and rate of Alexei Smirnov

The “old lady” is still looking for herself, but is already close to the European Cup zone. Now she is on the seventh line, gaining 31 points. The same amount for “Roma” and “Fiorentina”, occupying the fifth and sixth places, respectively. Cagliari resists but continues to sink. The guests are on the 19th line of the table with 10 points.
For the upcoming battle, I decided to focus my attention on the minuses of the favorite.

Bookmakers strongly believe in Juventus, but the team is in a fever this season. The last two rounds were very unconvincing in the performance of Massimiliano Allegri’s charges, because after a goal was scored, they strongly hoped for their defense. Venezia went away from defeat and added food for thought in black and white, but in the next match against Bologna they did the same. Juve players should be grateful to Fortune for not being dishonored again.

Of course, one cannot say that for “Cagliari” it can be an easy walk, but the current state of the opponent allows them to claim at least a draw. In addition, after 4: 0 from “Udinese”, “islanders” even more broke away from the saving 18th place, and this should add to their sports anger. It seems to me that even if the guests cannot cope with the onslaught of the hosts, they will at least not yield to them with a rout. My choice is F2 (+2).

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