Kaichi Uchida – Nicolas Alvarez Varona: forecast and rate. Who will be the winner of the Rio de Janeiro tournament?

Kaichi Uchida

Kaichi finally got a good move for the first time in a long time. A big plus for the representative of Japan is that he is now playing consistently over a long period of time. Uchida in Rio de Janeiro serves very well and practically does not make unforced mistakes.

Kaichi dealt with Gonzalo Villanueva, Genaro Olivieri, Thiago Wilde and Gabriel Decamps.

Nicholas Alvarez Varona

Nicholas has a good first serve and is fairly consistent in the back row. The representative of Spain managed to beat Facundo Diaz Acosta, Luciano Darderi, Roy Smith and Nicolas Kicker in Rio de Janeiro.

Varona needs to work on his stability, otherwise it will be difficult for him to claim the title.

Personal meeting history

Tennis players have never met among themselves.

Outcome betting

Kaichi Uchida’s Victory is available for 2.04, and the triumph of Nicholas Alvarez Varona can be taken for 1.78

Forecast and rates

Potentially, perhaps, Kaichi is still stronger, but Alvarez Varona gained an amazing move. He has a consistent first serve and is emotionally calm. If the Spaniard copes with the attacking onslaught of his opponent, then it will be much easier for him to make him wrong in this confrontation. I will allow myself to support the Spanish tennis player. I think that, most likely, in a bitter struggle, but he will win the Challenger in Rio de Janeiro.

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