Kasper Ruud – Christian Garin: prediction and rate of Vladimir Chaplygin

It seems to me that in this pair, bookmaker analysts clearly underestimated the Norwegian tennis player’s ability to give out feeds right through. Let’s turn to statistics. We take matches on the open hard for the last year. Kasper Ruud, on average, makes 0.5 aces per game, and misses 0.46 from his rivals. Christian Garin performs 0.27 aces per game on average, and receives 0.52 aces per game from his opponents. As you can see, the Norwegian has a tangible advantage both in his serve and a small handicap in the game at the reception.

During their professional careers, the rivals played against each other twice. Both of these meetings took place on the ground, so it makes no sense to take them into account, since there are a lot of differences between the ground and the open hard.

It is better to use the so-called synthetic matches, when the results are analyzed against common opponents. There have been three of them on the open hard over the past year. Against Tommy Paul Kuud won 11-4 (but it was a 4-set Grand Slam match) and 6-5, while Garin lost 1-5. The Norwegian lost 5-10 to Cilic and 7-15 from Chile. Finally, Ruud beat Buistu Agut 10-2 and Garin lost 1-2. I think the bet on Ruud’s victory in aces suggests itself.

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