Kristina Mladenovich – Ekaterina Kazionova: forecast and rates of Yaroslav Perkanyuk

Christina Mladenovic

Mladenovic has played to the point that she is forced to sacrifice pre-season training and go to small tournaments in order to strengthen her position in the top 100. The Frenchwoman has been in decline for several seasons and it is not yet clear if Christina will be able to return to the high level again. At the moment, Mladenovic needs a qualified mentor, but she trains under the guidance of her younger brother.

What has changed in Mladenovic’s game lately is the number of double faults. There are fewer of them, but it all depends on the passage of the first ball. In the rallies, Christina acts in a straightforward and predictable manner, as she tries to invest in every shot and regularly practices going to the net.

Ekaterina Kazionova

Kazionova spends all her playing time on futures, but even at this level, she does not always make her way to the final stages. Ekaterina often stumbles in the early stages and manages to lose even in those matches where she is a clear favorite. For this reason, the Russian woman continues to trample in the top 400.

Kazionova takes a lot of unreasonable risks on the court, because of this she makes a large number of double and unforced errors. Ekaterina does not have enough patience in the rallies, she tries to seize the initiative almost from the first blow and dictate her conditions.

Analysis of the fight

Mladenovic is not at all motivated for the tournament in Seoul, the Frenchwoman loses concentration out of the blue and turns on only in important moments. Kazionova has no experience of playing against rivals of the top-100 level, so she will be nervous and make mistakes. But it’s hard for me to imagine that Christina will win a crushing victory. Therefore, I propose to bet on Kazionova with a handicap + (7). It is also worth looking at Kazionova’s total more double faults (4.5).

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