Kunlun – Dynamo Minsk: forecast and bet of Maxim Lebedev

The Belarusian brothers, although they lost in Helsinki, looked quite good there, and they took a point from the capital of Finland, which speaks to itself a lot about the potential of the “bison”. But in the upcoming match, this is not the main thing, but the fact that the already poor and unfortunate Kunlun will play the second match in a row in less than a day. And given the fact that the Chinese team is not at all quick-recovering children, but rather respectable uncles, one should not expect that after the Torpedo it will be as fresh as a cucumber.

This means that the favorite of the match is Dynamo, and the favorite is almost unambiguous. And although the statistics of personal meetings does not give anyone any advantages – both for specific teams and in the ratio of “hosts – guests” – in terms of the current game state, the “bison” surpass future Olympians, who suddenly had the opportunity not to blow everyone at home with space accounts, and even show something somewhere, it is very solid. And this advantage must be put into practice, knowing what a fierce struggle for a place under the sun they are now waging.

Total: Dynamo must take two points. At least cancer, at least sideways, at least bouncing on a stick. At least in regular time, at least in a series of post-match shootouts. Obliged – period.

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