“Kunlun RS” – “Salavat Yulaev”: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

Despite the fact that Salavat has accelerated to the Europause and has already entered the usual framework of the game and the dynamics of scoring, in the upcoming match with Kunlun not everything is clear. Because it is not clear in what state the opponents will come out of the pause and how long they will have to regain their playing tone. And you will have to return it anyway.

We also know that divisional rivals play more often than other teams. And “Salavat” and “Kunlun” also play four times per season only within the framework of the regular season. And in these four get-togethers, the team from the Celestial Empire once undoubtedly kicks up and arranges the St. Bartholomew’s Night for the good Ufa residents, putting them on the ice in various indecent poses. But this season, the rivals have already met twice, both times it was in Ufa and both times in an indecent pose was “Kunlun”. In fact, the Chinese have only two attempts to turn the Salavat inside out and say that it was. Will something like this happen this time?

It may well be, but the likelihood of such an outcome is not very high. I suppose that the Yulaevites will still have to suffer with their Chinese comrades, but for their torment, both physical and mental, they will receive a worthy reward in the form of two points, which they will win at the end of regular time, albeit with a slight advantage in the score.

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