Kunlun – Salavat Yulaev: forecast and rate. Away team will score more than four goals

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Team form

“Salavat Yulaev” has four wins in the last five meetings, the team paused in the championship with three victories in a row. Moreover, the Ufa team beat both the weak Admiral (4: 2) and the strong Sochi (5: 0), and then their main rival, Ak Bars (4: 2).

“Kunlun” and earlier was not considered some formidable force or very uncomfortable rival, but now for sure: during a pause for the European tour, the team decided to change the concept of the club and terminated contracts with a number of players. Including with the main goalkeeper Alexander Lazushin. Several months before the Olympics, Kunlun decided to stake on the preparation of the Chinese national team for the Games. Right now, Red Star has five defeats in a row.

Bookmakers consider Salavat Yulaev the favorite of the match and give 1.35 odds for his victory, and 6.85 for Kunlun.

Total bet

Kunlun have conceded quite a lot before, with an average of 4.8 goals per game in the last five meetings. And now, after the departure of Lazushin, his best goalkeeper, he is preparing to concede even more. In the team, the first number will most likely be Jeremy Smith, who has a reliability factor of 3.79 per game.

“Salavat” this season played with “Kunlun” once and won 5: 1. This time, the resistance to the Ufa people will be even less.

Our rate

Salavat Yulaev has individual total over four with odds of 2.04.

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