“Kunlun” – SKA: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

As has been said more than once, the further fate of not even Kunlun itself, but primarily its rivals, directly depends on when the Chinese comrades leave for the Celestial Empire to prepare for the home Olympics. Where they now have a chance, no, not to win, of course. But at least not to fail with a crash and double-digit accounts. Alexey Kovalev, who works in the coaching staff of Kunlun and participated in one of our programs, the “Hockey Department”, answered this question evasively: “At the beginning of January.” And when they will have that very beginning of January, in which, in fact, the entire first Kunlun squad will fly home, and ambitious understudies will appear on the ice, we do not know for sure.

Be that as it may, but our St. Petersburg club belongs to the category of KHL teams, which should be deeply perpendicular and purple when Kunlun will fly away. Because both the main team and the backup army men are obliged to turn them inside out with fur and hang them on board to dry in any condition. And although Kunlun has one and only and therefore truly epic victory over SKA, won, by the way, last season, and even in St. there should not be a short term – these are representatives from different hockey planets.

Therefore, my prognosis, and even more likely the verdict, will be simple and unpretentious: an away victory for SKA, without any special nervous breakdowns and moral remorse. In regular time and with an advantage of three or more pucks. Otherwise, it will not be SKA, but laughter, and only …

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