“Lakers” – “Atlanta”: forecast and rate. “Hawks” are able to stop “lake”

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It is not easy for the “lake” one without Anthony Davis, but so far LeBron is playing for himself and for “that guy”. James regularly scores over 30 points, and if Russell Westbrook also minimizes his losses, then he manages to win. This will be the fourth home game in a row. The three previous Lakers have won, and in the last five meetings, Vogel’s team has won four victories. There are security problems. With enviable regularity, the “lakes” concede for 110 points, and have received less than 106 points only four times in their last 18 home games. But you will have to play with a team that is strong in attack.


The Hawks in the game against the Lakers will be able to count on Tray Young, who missed last match, and Bogdanovich, Collins and Jalen Johnson are expected to return to service. It must be admitted that the increase is serious. Atlanta have won two of their last five battles away, but before that there was a streak of six away victories. By the way, the upcoming match will be the fourth in a row on the road, and in the previous three “hawks” were twice stronger, and this despite the fact that the composition was far from optimal. Now almost all combat units can gather on the floor.


With such a boost from Atlanta, the chances of winning, even on the Lakers’ floor, are about the same. In this case, you should pay attention to the coefficient of 2.38 for the victory of the guests. One could look closely at the top total or the total for the guests, but the bar is offered for 112 points. It’s time for the Lakers to stumble without Davis.

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