Lance – Rennes: forecast and rate of Vladislav Turov

Lance has slowed down in the last rounds, but still does not lag far behind the top five. Especially Hayes’s team is uncompromising at home, where there was only one loss in 10 rounds. Like many clubs, Lance sent some players to the African Cup, of which striker Ganago and defender Aydar should be singled out.

Rennes also slowed down in the last rounds, but still remains in the group of leaders on the 4th place. On the road, Genesio’s team plays with varying success in 9 rounds with only 3 wins. It should be borne in mind that Rennes delegated to the African Cup the main goalkeeper Gomis, nx Suleman and two defenders, who are all base players. Second goalkeeper Romain Solen was also injured.

Even without Ganago, the hosts have someone to score, especially since the Cameroonian forward is more of a reserve player this season. The guests are also all right with the attack, but there are serious holes in the defense. Taking into account the home support and the results of this season, as well as the lineups, it is quite possible to expect a productive match with several goals scored and not lose to Lance.

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