Leeds – Burnley: forecast and rate. Bookmakers overestimate owners

Stadium: Elland Road (Leeds).
Referee: Kevin Friend.


“Leeds”: Llorente (?), Bamford (?), Cooper, James, Phillips, Strike, Machado, Shackleton, Cresswell.
Burnley: Root (?), Brownhill, Pope, Rodriguez, Barnes, Roberts, Long.

Team form

“Leeds” in very poor condition, with three defeats in a row and sixteenth place in the table. In terms of losses, the team is tied for 17-18 lines, and the disgusting defensive play this season is not compensated by the attack. Hence the goal difference -18, only Newcastle and Norwich have more. It is clear that a huge number of injuries, a difficult calendar, constant transfers and uncertainty with the schedule of games, but the “peacocks” are not alone in this. A good half of the teams from the bottom table faced exactly the same problems.

Burnley before the match with Man United, he had not played since December 12, as it turned out, this was not beneficial. Yes, the burgundy ones had a rest, but at the height of the season such a break is not needed, because now they will have to re-gain shape. After the sixth round, the “Klaretovs” lost only four matches out of ten, however, and won only once. There is a feeling that this season, Burnley will be able to add and avoid relegation. This, by the way, has been happening for several years now.

Outcome betting

Bookmakers still quote favorites “Leeds”. And this is not something like 2.40 to 2.90, no, 2.16 to win the “peacocks” and 3.48 to win the guests. Strange, the teams are exactly the same level. There is a home field factor, but it cannot be that strong. X2 is estimated at 1.76

Handicap betting

Burnley’s zero handicap can be loaded with a decent odds of 2.54… Leeds won both matches last season, but this season the teams played 1-1 at Turf Moore. Perhaps this is due to the decline in the quality of white football.

Total bets

Leeds have conceded eight of their last ten games, with a total of over 2.5 and “both goals” have been hit six times. The “peacocks” won only twice in the period under consideration.

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Burnley, of course, have the majority of their low-end matches – 6 out of 10. In the same number of games, the opponents were unable to score more than one goal. Burnley itself scored only half of the games.

Total under 2.5 is estimated at 1.93

Forecast and bet on the match “Leeds” – “Burnley”

When the odds are lower on the total in Leeds matches than on TM (2.5), it is worth considering the outcomes on the bookmaker’s bottom, especially against Burnley. In two head-to-head matches out of three teams played less total goals. Although this meeting will be for six points and the winner will receive a solid head start over the competitor for survival. The stakes are too high (sorry for the stamp). On TM (2.5) you can bet with odds 1.93

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