Leicester – Liverpool: forecast and rate of Vladimir Chaplygin

Not too long ago, I gave Leicester a tackle win against Liverpool in the League Cup. Since then, nothing has fundamentally changed in the balance of power.

As a basis, we still take the statistics of the teams’ performance in the last season of the Premier League. Leicester is one of the clubs whose players are often tackling the ball. And they do it pretty well. Now let’s move on from general words to specific numbers. Leicester have averaged 18.31 tackles per game at home. For Liverpool in away matches, this figure is 14.84.

If you look at the history of personal meetings, then of the last six matches in five, Leicester became the leader in the qualifiers. I think that with such layouts, we can continue to take the home team’s victory. But it is better to slightly raise the odds by betting not on a clear win, but on a minus one point handicap.

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