Leicester – Liverpool: prediction and rate of Arthur Petrosyan

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Let’s talk today about the Leicester-Liverpool match, but first I want to digress from the topic.

If you remember, then a couple of years ago I told you about a friend of mine who contacts space and gives some unrealistic predictions. Then we met in front of the Mancunian derby. It was the winter of 2019. City were the clear favorites with odds in the 1.30 region. He said he would win Manchester United 2-1 and score both goals before half-time. And so it all happened. I am still in some shock from his forecast.

Well, yesterday we met again. I asked him for the sake of wondering how Aston Villa and Chelsea would play. He connected to space. He said the score would be 3: 1. I answered him, they say, “Chelsea” has no attack, “Villa” is not such an easy team, it is unlikely that there will be many goals and everything that I described in my forecast. What happened next – you know very well. These are the cases that occur in the world of betting.

Now about the Leicester – Liverpool match. It hurts to look at Leicester. The team is falling apart and there are many losses. First of all, protection suffers. And so it was not, thank God, in the game without the ball, but it got even worse. Leicester lost to Manchester City with a tennis score. There are no center backs. Westergaard and Amarty played. The first one just moved to Leicester in the summer and did not become the main one. Amarty is generally more of a defensive midfielder or full-back, as he plays for the Ghana national team. And there are a lot of problems in the support zone after losing the ball.

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According to statistics, Leicester have conceded in 18 meetings in their last 19 games. The only time I didn’t miss was when I chose that match under the heading “Vernyak”. Then Leicester played against Newcastle. In the last six games, when Leicester have conceded, they have done so at least twice.

As for Liverpool, the team recently won an important victory over Leicester, losing twice in the course of the match with a difference of two goals. Liverpool somehow managed to save the game at Anfield and advanced to the semi-finals, beating Leicester on penalties. In this regard, everything is good.

From a tournament standpoint, City breaks away and it is important not to let this gap increase. I think that “Liverpool” will take this match very seriously and should take the upper hand in class. Van Dyck is back, Fabinho is back – these are important key figures, so everything here speaks of a victory for Liverpool.

Betting is difficult. Too low odds offered for Liverpool’s victory. You can experiment and choose, for example, a victory for Liverpool with a handicap (-1). The most promising rate. If the coefficient is around 1.70, then you can take it. I think Liverpool will have a chance to score before the break and after, that is, the Reds will score in both halves. The coefficient is even higher there.

The simplest bet is Liverpool’s total over two with return. Everybody scores two or more goals against Leicester, which means Liverpool will have chances. Finally, a bet on fouls. Most likely, Liverpool will have more of them. The Merseysides are more pressing and tackling after losing the ball. “Leicester” in this regard is not so good. Liverpool do not foul as often as City to return the ball quickly, but this is used occasionally.

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In this match, you can take the victory of “Liverpool” on fouls, you can take a handicap (-2). Also a good coefficient. These are the options. This seems to be my last prediction this year, so I wish you all the best and that your bets are winning as often as possible.

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