Life hacks for gadgets: 8 best

The necessity for inventions is cunning. And when it bakes so that “wow and ah”, the mindset turns on instantly. This article describes 8 ways to get around difficulties from the rear. The table contains 4 tips as a bonus. Educate yourself and hack life to the fullest!

#1 The battery on the smartphone is empty – it doesn’t matter

Almost everyone got into a situation when the phone went down, but an urgent call is needed. Not everyone knows about the battery heating trick. If the battery warms up even a little, there is a chance to start chemical reactions inside the ABC and make an important call.

To do this, you need a regular knife. It is enough to heat the blade on fire and simply attach it to the battery of the gadget. It is important not to overheat the battery. A few seconds are enough to warm up. In the worst case, the battery will be damaged.

#2 The TV shows a fuzzy signal – what to do?

Improving your TV signal is easy if you know a few tricks. One of them is ordinary foil.

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Metallic “paper” gives a clear signal on the TV. Thanks to the targeted action, the amount of electrical energy used is also reduced.

Making an aluminum foil sheet is simple:

  • take a piece of foil and cut out a rectangle of the required diameter;
  • we fix the foil on a piece of paper or cardboard so that the antenna can be threaded through it;
  • we place the sheet between electronic devices that are on top of each other;
  • the antenna should be in the center of the foil sheet.

#2 Using the last ink in the cartridge

The ink in the cartridge is running out, but another document needs to be printed urgently – what should I do? The heating method will help to squeeze out the last juices and print the sheet.

We boil water and hold the cartridge over the steam as close to the water as possible. The printheads are facing down. 30 seconds is enough. If the life hack for electronics did not work the first time, repeat the procedure 2-3 times with intervals of 1-2 minutes.

#4 How to protect your device from temperature extremes

Not all electronics are protected from high and low temperatures, and especially their drops. The lower the temperature, the worse the performance of electrical devices.

Here are four helpful tips on how to protect your electronics from temperature extremes.

  1. You should carry the device in your pocket or bag to protect you from the cold.
  2. Before turning on the electronics in winter, it is better to bring the electronics into the room so that it has time to warm up.
  3. Using protective covers is another life hack for gadgets.
  4. You shouldn’t talk on the phone outside when it’s snowing. Better to use a headset.
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#5 Why do you need chargers if you have a TV!

When going on a trip, you do not need to pack any electronic chargers with you. Almost every hotel room has TVs that will replace power banks and other things.

It is enough to take a USB cable and connect the smartphone to the TV through a special socket.

#6 How to dry a gadget using silica gel

Despite the variety of waterproof models, there are gadgets that negatively tolerate contact with liquid. There is a chance the phone will work as before. Life hack is silica gel.

The silica gel cat litter will serve as an absorbent to dry the device battery. We put the gadget in a container with filler for about 48 hours. Important: the product must completely cover the phone. Sometimes we turn the device over.

Silicone shoe balls will also help dry your phone. They use a zip bag with silicate gel: leave it overnight, after which the gadget will work like new.

#7 Life hack for the keyboard: how to replace a broken leg

The leg of the keyboard broke and it became inconvenient to use the product, and it is almost impossible to find such spare parts – what to do?

Ordinary clips for paper and bills come to the rescue:

  • we take out an intact leg from the keyboard,
  • we select the size of the clamp,
  • take off his ears,
  • we insert instead of the broken part into the holes of the keyboard,
  • we rejoice and enjoy.

#8 Keep your cables in shape!

A useful life hack for increasing the service life and preventing bends and kinks in the cable is to take a spring from an old ballpoint pen and attach it to the ends of the wire.

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Now you know how to dry a gadget from excess moisture, how to replace keyboard legs, how to improve TV signal and other usefulness for electronics.

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