Live mode: pros and cons of live betting

Live mode: pros and cons of live betting

Ever since the bookmakers started accepting bets online, the debate has not subsided: which is better – bets in the prematch or Live mode. Some bettors claim that it is possible to make money only on the air. At the same time, others say that haste is only needed when catching fleas… Let’s try to understand the positive and negative aspects of live betting. As a result, each player will draw conclusions and determine which type of bet is more profitable for him. Live mode: pros and cons of live betting.

Pros and cons of live mode

Live betting pros

First of all, it should be noted that bets in the prematch are for patient players, while the live mode is preferred by lovers of dynamics, speed and excitement. Let’s consider the obvious advantages of live betting.

  1. Maximum information about the match. While watching the live broadcast, it is easier for the bettor to navigate the changing circumstances of the meeting. Based on this, it is easier for the player to make the right bet.
  2. Bank scroll speed. Playing in live mode allows bettors to quickly spin money on the account, without waiting for the next event. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to invest in other meetings and get more profit.
  3. Analyst errors. People sitting on the other side of the screen do not always have time to change the odds depending on the circumstances on the field. By a lucky coincidence, a live bettor can make a significant profit on such hitch.
  4. Insurance rates. Even the obvious favorites may turn out to be out of shape and start losing in the course of the meeting. In live mode, the player always has a chance to play it safe and bet on the opposite outcome.
  5. A large number of “forks”. Despite the hostile attitude of bookmakers to forks, they cannot eradicate them completely. As a rule, there are more surebets in live mode. Therefore, the bettor can significantly increase his capital using winning strategies of the game.

Cons of live bets

For all the attractiveness of the game on air, it has plenty of downsides. The most obvious one can be called the excitement that absorbs the mind of the bettor. Therefore, you need to come to live mode prepared and with a cool head. Even if one of the teams scores two quick goals, this does not mean that the meeting will end with a score of 2: 0.

  1. Not enough time to analyze. The dynamic game mode does not always allow you to correctly assess the situation. Therefore, bettors start to bet on everything and lose a lot of money. Better to wait for a break and understand what is happening. You may miss one outcome, but you will not lose money on the wrong bet.
  2. Low limits. In live mode, highs above $ 20 are rare. Professional players, especially arbers, are not always happy with this situation.
  3. Low odds. Due to the high risk in live mode, bookmakers significantly increase the margin. Therefore, the odds are steadily served, and the players earn less.
  4. Weak line. Due to the increasing risk of making a mistake, analysts are significantly cutting lines and signatures on live broadcasts. Therefore, the player has access to standard outcomes, but he cannot count on anything more.

Of course, live gaming is about engagement, excitement and dynamics. But you need to assess your strengths and the ability to quickly respond to changing circumstances.

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