Lokomotiv – Dynamo Moscow: forecast and bet of Maxim Lebedev

Both teams lost their last matches last year. Moreover, they lost to rivals who were clearly a step lower, and Yaroslavl also did it at home. That is, both of them have gambling problems, and the current short holidays clearly did not contribute to their solution.

But I will still allow myself to imagine Lokomotiv as the favorite of the upcoming match. I do this with an eye to the statistics of personal meetings, which has a pronounced “master’s” bias: the hosts took the last five matches. They won in eight of the last ten “get-togethers”. What is not a reason to bet on the owners when both rivals are robustly “stormy”?

And given the fact that in extra time these rivals leave quite infrequently (less than 20 percent of matches), I dare to assume a home victory of Lokomotiv in regulation time. I believe that the advantage in the account will be minimal. Here, as it were, this very score did not turn out to be football, although the rivals had not been caught for such a long time. But what the hell is not going on on New Years, isn’t it?

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