Long-term rates strategy

Long-term rates strategy

The “Long-term bets” strategy is not one of the most popular, but it has its own audience among bettors. These can be bets on the winner of a tournament, on the owner of an individual award at the end of the season, on the weather forecast, on the result of political elections, and so on. The main feature is that this rate is for a long term: from several months to several years.

It is the long-term nature that scares away many players who prefer to place an ordinary or express and find out the result of the bet after a couple of hours, at most days, but not in a year or two. There is a good grain in such reasoning, because it is not always advisable to freeze your bankroll or at least a part of it, but in certain situations the “Long-term bets” strategy can bring good dividends. We will tell you about this now.

Long-term rates strategy

The main principles of the strategy

If you have a big pot or don’t plan on placing a lot of bets in the near future, you can consider long-term betting as a wise investment. The most profitable are bets on the winner of a major tournament. In football, it makes sense to bet on the winner of the Champions League. Usually in this tournament there are 5-7 main favorites, and the probability of victory for the rest of the teams is minimal. This is what you need to play on.

We look at the quotes for winning the tournament, choose the obvious favorites and distribute our bank in such a way as to ensure that we remain in the black if any of the selected teams wins. Of course, sometimes “dark horses” win, on which no one bet before the start of the competition, but such situations are so rare that they do not interfere with successfully playing the “Long-term bets” strategy.

Real use case

To make it easier to understand the essence of this strategy, let’s take a look at an example of its use. Consider a bet on the 2019-20 Champions League winner. Looking at the odds, we see 7 clear favorites:

  1. Manchester City – 4.40;
  2. Barcelona – 6.0;
  3. Liverpool – 7.5;
  4. Real Madrid – 9.5;
  5. PSG – 11.0;
  6. Juventus – 11.0;
  7. Bayern Munich – 13.0.

The bookmakers estimate the chances of winning the next Atletico Madrid with odds of 21, so we will not take it seriously. The main favorite is Manchester City, so we will primarily count on the profit from his victory.

Let’s say we have a bank in the amount of 15,000 rubles, and we distribute it among 7 participants so as to accurately make a profit if one of them wins.

We make the following bets:

  • Manchester City – 4200 rubles at a factor of 4.40. In the case of a pass, the net profit will be 3480 rubles;
  • Barcelona – 2800 rubles at a factor of 6.0. In the case of a pass, the net profit will be 1800 rubles;
  • Liverpool – 2200 rubles at a factor of 7.5. In the case of a pass, the net profit will be 1,500 rubles;
  • “Real” – 1,700 rubles at a coefficient of 9.5. In the case of a pass, the net profit will be 1150 rubles;
  • PSG – 1,450 rubles at a factor of 11.0. In the case of a pass, the net profit will be 950 rubles;
  • Juventus – 1450 rubles at a factor of 11.0. In the case of a pass, the net profit will be 950 rubles;
  • Bayern – 1200 rubles at a factor of 13.0. In the case of a pass, the net profit will be 600 rubles.

For greater clarity, we will duplicate this information in the table.

Command Win odds Bet amount Profit
Manchester city 4.40 4200 3480
Barcelona 6.0 2800 1800
Liverpool 7.5 2200 1500
Real 9.5 1700 1150
PSG 11.0 1450 950
Juventus 11.0 1450 950
Bavaria 13.0 1200 600

As you can see, the victory of any of the 7 teams is guaranteed to leave you in the black, and the biggest profit will come from winning the main favorite of the tournament – Manchester City.

Main pros and cons

The main advantage of the Long-Term Rates strategy is its profitability and predictability. In most major tournaments, one of the main favorites will certainly win, and “dark horses” rarely come to the finish line first. Thanks to this, you can split your bank among the strongest teams and count on profit with a high degree of probability.

If we talk about the disadvantages, then there is only one significant – the money is frozen for a long time, they will not participate in the game in any way and it will take a long time to wait for the calculation of the bet.

For this reason, we would like to recommend the “Long-term rates” strategy to those who want to profitably invest their money, or to those who always have a part of the bank in their account idle.

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