Loose streak in betting: how to deal with it

Loose streak in betting: how to deal with it

In sports betting, no one wins all the time. Even experienced bettors have dips and black bars. Loose streak in betting is a series of several misguided predictions in the bookmaker’s office. As a rule, they talk about losing streak in case of three or more lost bets in a row. How to deal with it? The Mightytips experts will give the answer to this question.

How to deal with a losing streak (a series of failures) in a bookmaker's office

What is the danger of losing streak in sports betting?

Defeats in any area of ​​life hurt a person. The subsequent development of events depends on how stoically you endure troubles. In sports betting, a series of failures can provoke the following troubles:

  • Psychological breakdown. The bettor’s attitude to the analysis and analysis of matches is changing. If before the losing streak you were confident in yourself, believed your own analysis, then after a series of losses you will begin to doubt everything in a row, since your head will be filled with recent pockets;
  • Loss of the bank. In case of losses, this is inevitable, even if you use a certain betting strategy. But keep in mind that with flat bets, the losses will not be as critical as with progressive strategies like catch-up. A long losing streak in an aggressive game will be fatal to the bank.
  • Avoiding an effective strategy. If a certain tactic has repeatedly brought you success in the past, you should not abandon it even after a series of failures. Once again, remember that everyone has black stripes – and continue to stick to the chosen vector.
  • Gambling mania. This term refers to addiction to gambling. Loose streamers may well contribute to its development – the bettor is trying to win back the money as soon as possible, and the office is tightening it more and more.

How to overcome a losing streak in betting?

One of the main problems for novice bettors is emotional control. When betting on sports, it is you who must manage it, not the other way around. Betting is not an exact science; here, as in the sport itself, there is a lot of emotion.

None of the existing betting strategies will give a 100% guarantee of winning. This is logical, otherwise all bookmakers would have gone bankrupt long ago. In betting, everything depends on many factors, including your luck. Yes, there is no luck in sports – after all, you put (with rare exceptions) living people in the competition, even if high-class professionals in their field. Losing is an integral part of sports betting, and there is no reason to rely only on win streaks.

In order to survive the loss strike calmly and without critical losses of the bank, you need to be prepared for it from the very beginning. This will help you not psychologically break down with several failures in a row and return to the victorious path after the end of the black strip. Loose streamers are the hardest to survive for beginners, who are often overly ambitious and self-confident. There are no victories without defeats, but novice bettors often forget about it. If you have just started your “career” as a bettor, but nothing is working out for you, and for every bet won there are 2-3 losses or even a losing streak, it is better to think about leaving the industry. In such situations, betting is addictive and turns from an ordinary game into an addiction.

How to deal with bad streaks and not lose faith in yourself?

  1. A fresh head will help. If everything goes “past the box office”, try to “score” on the rates for a while and switch to other activities. Meetings with friends and colleagues, playing sports, watching movies and TV series, drawing – whatever! You can just go to visit relatives. If you do not pause when betting on sports, overwork and reduced efficiency are guaranteed. Do not seek to recoup here and now – this does not lead to anything good!
  2. Analyze your unsuccessful bets. This will help identify missing nuances or holes in your existing strategy. Don’t rush to change your strategy after one losing streak – every tactic has the right to make mistakes. In case of a repetition of the black stripes, the strategy will still have to be changed. But the reason may lie elsewhere – for example, you regularly sit down to play bookmaker after a busy day, when you are tired and lost concentration. Or you are a fan of football and regularly bet on this sport, but you are not guessing. In this case, you should forget about personal preferences and switch to hockey, volleyball, tennis.
  3. Reduce your stake. Reducing a few percent from the bank helps. You will save a significant part of your funds, and it will also be easier for you to gain profit over time. When you regain your confidence and the losing streak is over, go back to your old amounts.
  4. If after a series of failures a decent amount remains on the account, withdraw 90-95%, leaving a symbolic 100-200 rubles on the account. It is better to spend the money withdrawn from the account on the necessary thing – to buy something from clothes or equipment, to pay off debts, if any.
  5. Self-exclusion from the game. An extreme case, but very effective. Suitable for bettors who lose bet by bet, series by series, but cannot stop. If, after receiving your salary, you instantly go to the site of your favorite bookmaker, and after a loss you start borrowing money, you should definitely stop. Many modern bookmakers have come up with the “self-exclusion from the game” function, which can be activated in your personal account. If you did not find such an option in the LC, contact the support service of your bookmaker – they may block your account upon request.

How to avoid a losing streak: tips and tricks

  1. Anyone can become a top forecaster on a short distance, but the main thing in betting is distance. Don’t let the momentary euphoria of a good streak cloud your mind. It is quite possible that a streak of failures will soon begin, and after the emotional upsurge experienced, it will be even harder to temporarily “fall into the pit”.
  2. If you seriously decide to start betting, then you should treat it like a regular job – cold-blooded and cynical. Think of bets as a way to make money and don’t let them interfere with your daily life – for example, you are unlikely to wake up at 2 a.m. to work. You shouldn’t do this for betting either.
  3. Crowd betting can be helpful. To regularly beat the bookmakers, you don’t always have to bet against her. When many people agree, it means that the chances of the event going through are high.
  4. A technical mindset and an ability to analyze are the main keys to success. Fundamental analysis is important – understand how the market works to help you choose the right bets.
  5. Make a long-term betting plan and stick to it. A notebook with a piece of paper or an Excel document is enough.

Betting has a place for both wins and losses. The latter come unexpectedly, and sometimes for a long time. When you get hit by a bad stretch, remember that every player had a losing streak. It’s important to remember that failure will come and go. Don’t let negative emotions get the best of you and learn how to respond to the losers.

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