Low odds betting

Low odds betting

There are many controversial strategies and controversial approaches in the betting world, but the main one is low odds betting… There are theories among tappers that there is no point at all to bet on odds below 1.5. But rare gamblers sometimes find a reason to bet on an event, the probability of the outcome of which is less than 1.1. How to do this and what is the profit from it?

Why bet on small odds

Beating the bookmaker at high odds is not an easy job, which usually speaks of excellent knowledge and great experience of the player. The strategy of betting on events with a high probability of passing does not imply serious knowledge of the capper about the sport. Pure mathematics works here.

No, serious analytics of events is not required here at all. Given the large number of bets with such a strategy, it is important to adhere to only one more or less strict rule, consisting of three points:

  • Ratio less than 1.02 – bet safely.
  • The coefficient is 1.03-1.04 – you need to proceed with caution.
  • Odds higher than 1.05 – it is better to abstain or seriously consider the rate.
Low odds betting

Low odds betting

It is logical that an extremely low coefficient of the order of 1.01-1.05 implies an almost one hundred percent pass. Only a miracle has to happen for the event to proceed according to a different scenario. The idea behind this strategy is that you need to make a lot of big bets. It is believed that the size of the bank in this case should be at least a thousand dollars. Only then can one count on serious earnings, but again only over a long distance. In order to gain profit, you need to register more than ten bets with a coefficient of 1.1, more than twenty bets with a coefficient of 1.05, otherwise even one loss will cancel out several victories. Important: you should not bet your entire bank on events, it is much more reasonable to divide it into ten parts and slowly but surely move towards profit.

Low Odds Betting Advantage

This strategy allows for a minimum of risk. It is not for nothing that low odds are called low – the chance of passing is as high as possible. At the same time, there is no strict binding to a specific sport. And although cappers advise you to limit yourself to betting on football, even there is a large selection of events. However, one of the main advantages of the strategy is the ability to make money on bets, even for those who do not understand anything at all about sports. Looking at the odds is what matters.

Disadvantages of small odds betting

Nevertheless, danger can await when you do not expect at all. Big bets involve high risk. This is a serious psychological burden. It is one thing if you lose at a risky bet, and quite another thing if you do not enter a bet with odds of 1.05, which obviously seems to be a passing event. Yes, sometimes an extraordinary miracle happens and the outcome, which seemed the only obvious one, does not happen.

Hence, it is important to understand that in the event of a loss, even on one bet, wagering will take time, and an overly emotional attitude to the game with a bookmaker can lead to even greater losses. At the same time, the strategy is not suitable for offices where they can cut the highs (prohibit placing bets above a certain bank) or where the live section is poorly developed.

However, many cappers still rate the low odds betting strategy as the safest and most profitable. For our part, we can only advise you to keep your head cool in any situation, especially in this strategy.


– Why is it difficult to follow the strategy of betting on low odds at a distance?

– This strategy involves working with a large bank. When you have to constantly place bets on large amounts, it is psychologically difficult to cope with the stress.

– Where can you place bets without fear that the highs will be cut?

– Yes, these are offices for professional players – Pinnacle, Betfair and others.

– Why do you need to make a lot of bets for profit using the strategy of betting on low odds?

– Because going to the plus involves winning the amount twice the stake. This is pure profit. Therefore, you need to place 10 bets on 1.1 odds or 20 bets on 1.05 odds.

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