Mallorca – Barcelona: forecast and rate. “Islanders” will not forgive the Catalans

Team form

The coronavirus spares no one. A new outbreak of infection was recorded in Barcelona… Nine players tested positive at once, including Alba, Gavi and Dembele.

Only the problems of the Catalans were not limited to this. Because of the payroll, she lost Torres. Ferran moved to Spain but failed to register. It will take about a month. That is, the striker will appear on the field not earlier than the second half of January.

But Mallorca a week passed without loss. The infection bypassed the players, but affected the staff. But this did not affect the team in any way.

In the last round, the Islanders lost to Granada (1: 4). Moreover, it looked unexpected. After the equal first half – 1: 1 – Mallorca crumbled in the second half.

She received three goals, although she struck more shots on target than her opponent. So the “islanders” interrupted a series of five matches without defeat.

Outcome bet

Bookmakers give preference to guests. Barcelona’s victory goes for 2.15, draw – for 3.42, the success of “Mallorca” – for 3.70

Note that the Catalans have won the last five head-to-head matches. But in the upcoming meeting, the rate of 1X for 1.77 is interesting.

Everything is simple here. A lot of problems fell on Xavi. Because of the covid, the Spaniard lost nine players, because of the bloated list – Torres. Ferrand came to save the Catalans from collapse, but thundered into financial “quarantine”.

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Fati and Memphis have just returned to service. But they haven’t gotten into shape yet. Therefore, it is too early to hope for miracles from the Spaniard and the Dutchman.

But “Mallorca” is in perfect order. She received an offensive defeat from Granada (1: 4), but played enough for a draw.

This failure was only the second for the islanders in ten matches. Only one team of Examples – “Real” looked more powerful at a distance.

Therefore the rate 1X for 1.77 seems like a risky but interesting option. Because of the covid, Barcelona lost their roster, because of the finances – Torres. Is this not a chance for the “islanders”?

Handicap bet

The bet is interesting in the upcoming game Home (+1.0) for 1.35… Everything here is the same as in the case of the outcomes.

Only in this situation is there a little reassurance. Should Barcelona win the minimum win, a refund will be issued.

Total bet

Bookmakers are convinced that the game will be grassroots. Total goes less for 1.90, more – for 1.99… Note that two of the last five matches with the participation of these teams in La Liga were grassroots.

Therefore, in the upcoming game, it is interesting to bet TM (2.5) for 1.90… Everything is simple here. Because of the covid, Barcelona have lost their roster. Fati and Memphis have just returned to the general group. Therefore, expecting a scoring extravaganza from the Catalans is useless.

For Mallorca, the situation is simpler. She hasn’t been performing well this season. The Islanders have scored 17 goals in 18 rounds. This is one of the worst indicators in the Example.

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The chances that the teams will break through in the upcoming game are minimal. Therefore, betting TM (2.5) for 1.90 seems to be the best decision in this fight.

Bet on the match “Mallorca” – “Barcelona”

I will assume that Mallorca will not concede.

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